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Guide on How to Speed Up Your Metabolism 2018

Did you know that drinking cold water on an empty stomach increases your metabolism by 30%? Well, now you know. I am sure you are probably trying to manage your weight, it is important for you to remember that strength and success will not come from the things you normally do daily, but by overcoming the things you thought you could not do before. Nobody ever got in shape, became successful or stronger by thinking about it, they made time for it and did it So, start today because some day later on you will be glad you did so. With that said, have you thought about metabolism in your weight loss plan? If not here is a Guide on How to Speed Up Your Metabolism 2018.

Facts about Metabolism:

  • Metabolism is the rate at which you burn the calories that you consume

  • Any movement in your body speeds up metabolism

  • Every increase in body temperature increases metabolism in your body


  • Eating protein will increase metabolism in your body

  • Adequate sleep will help regulate your metabolism

  • You can control your metabolic rate by; eating steadily throughout the day, exercising, staying hydrated and the use of Metabolism supplements.

Given the above facts, I am sure by now you are wondering; what is a Metabolism?

Allow me to decipher!!

Metabolism is the range of biochemical processes that occur within your body. It consists of anabolism that refers to the buildup of nutritional substances and catabolism that involves the breakdown of these substances. In a nutshell, metabolism refers to the breakdown of food to produce energy for your body. Some of the major nutritional constituents in the human diet are; carbohydrates, proteins and lipids which are broken down through metabolic chemical processes within your body to produce sufficient energy for your body.

For you to understand how to have better health by speeding up your metabolism this season, it is important for you to understand some of the facts and myths about metabolism. Here are some of the facts and myths on metabolism:

Metabolism: Facts and Myths

Metabolism is the biochemical processes that occur in your body so as to maintain and sustain your life. Metabolism allows you to respond to your environment, repairs damaged tissues within your body, helps you by strengthening your genitals for reproduction and finally, helps you to grow. A common myth on metabolism is that slim people have higher metabolism rates as opposed to fat or overweight people.

This is not true, in fact this guide will reveal to you some of the facts behind metabolism; what is Metabolism? What does it do the human body? How can you influence Metabolism in your body? Here are some of the facts and myths;

Quick Metabolism facts!!

  • Metabolism refers to anabolism and catabolism

  • Anabolism refers to the buildup of compounds in your body

  • Catabolism is the breakdown of these compounds to sustain life

  • Your body weight is as a result of Catabolism less anabolism

So, Can you Speed Up Metabolism as a Fat Loss Strategy for Losing Weight?

It is important to remember that your body weight is as a result of Catabolism less anabolism. This means that your body weight is the amount of energy released into your body through catabolism minus the energy your body uses through anabolism.

The excess energy in your body is stored as glycogen or fat in the liver or muscles. Glycogen is further broken down to glucose which is burned to release energy required for muscular activity. A gram of carbohydrate or protein will produce 4 calories this is as opposed to one gram of stored fat which will produce 9 calories in your body.

Underlying medical problems and hormonal imbalance may eventually affect the rate of metabolism in your body leading to your body storing excessive energy as fat. This will consequently result in you becoming overweight as a result of the excess stored fat in your body.

But, before we look at if it is possible to speed up catabolism in your body as  fat loss strategy lets first look at Metabolism in action.

Metabolism in Action-Anabolism & Catabolism:

Anabolism allows your body to maintain all tissues and grow new cells. The body uses molecules and chemicals to break down the food into finished products through the anabolic reactions inside your body. Anabolic reactions lead to increase in muscle mass, mineralization of your bones and growth of body cells. Some of the anabolic hormones include; growth hormones produced by the pituitary glands that stimulate growth, insulin that is produced by the pancreas to regulate the glucose or sugar levels in your blood stream, Testosterone hormone that stimulates the healthy development of the male sex character traits and physical development and finally, Estrogen hormone that develops the female sex character traits and physical development like growth of breast.

Catabolism on the other hand is the process of breaking down nutritional content to release energy. Catabolism is a metabolic reaction that releases energy into your body that is necessary for physical activity like body movement and cellular processes. Catabolic reactions in your body break down polymers into monomers like; polysaccharides are broken into monosaccharide, starch which is broken down to glucose, nucleic acids that make up the DNA are also broken down into nucleotides like pentose sugars, pyrimidines and purines. Finally, the proteins are broken down into amino acids to produce glucose.

Body energy is created through catabolic reactions and the created energy is used in anabolic reactions to ensure cellular growth, synthesize sugars, enzymes and body hormones. Both catabolism and anabolism work together hand in hand in a metabolic reaction that sustains life.

From the above facts on metabolism in action, it is true that becoming over weight is as a result of the excess fat stored in your body. It is possible to lose weight and maintain a strong body health through speeding up the metabolic reactions in your body.

With that said, are you tired of your exercise and diet weight loss program? Do you need metabolic supplements and catalysts that will speed up the metabolic reactions in your body? Do you want to watch the excess fat deposits disappear without hitting the gym? If yes is the answer to all the questions. then it is time you tried out metabolic supplements.

How to Speed up Your Metabolism Guide 2018

As we have seen from the above amazing facts, it is possible for you to lose weight and burn the excess fat by increasing or speeding up metabolism in your body using Metabolism supplements. A little knowledge on what happens during slow and fast metabolism will go a long way in educating you in why you need to speed up your metabolism reactions in your body.

What happens during slow Metabolism?

Let us first dispel the myth that overweight people have slow metabolism. In fact they have a high BMR. The main cause for slow metabolism is rare hormonal imbalance and under active thyroid. Low levels T3 and T4 hormones and an under active thyroid gland is the main reason for slow metabolic reactions in humans up to 40%. Reduced thyroid hormones levels will not only reduce gene activation but also reduce the energy production metabolic reaction and result in; profound fatigue, gaining weight, dry skin and hair, increased depression levels, sleepiness and slow pulse action.

What happens when you speed up your Metabolism?

An active and strong thyroid gland and excess T3 and T4 hormones cause an increase in metabolic reactions of up to 100% in your body. This will lead to increased energy production and gene activation since you are burning more glucose and fat to produce more energy for your body. This in the long run will lead to losing weight. Speeding up your metabolism will also make you sweat easily, feel hot and have a fast pulse rate and a strong healthy body.

I am sure you want to speed up your metabolism, but probably wondering if metabolism catalysts actually work?

Do Metabolic Catalysts actually work?

Metabolic catalysts work through increased heat production or thermo-genesis process. Through this process, energy use is stimulated and will go a long way in burning the excess calories and increasing the metabolic reactions in your body. So, to answer the question, yes, metabolic catalysts actually work in helping you burn excess calories and losing weight.

Exploring some of the common ingredients found in the metabolic boosters, catalysts and supplements will go a long way in helping you arrive at the best purchase decision this season.

Common ingredients found in Metabolic Supplements


Caffeine as an ingredient component increases thermo genesis or heat production in your body. You will burn more calories by taking a minimum dose of 270mg (Milligrams) of caffeine on a daily basis. Most metabolic supplements contain 200mg of caffeine and you are also recommended to drink a daily cup of coffee.


Capsaicin is a chemical ingredient component of metabolic boosters that may help in promoting your weight loss. It is a chemical that burns the amount of calories in your body by putting the hot in jalapenos and contributing to your long term weight loss plan.

L Carnitine

L Carnitine is an ingredient that helps turn the fat deposits on your body into energy. The kidney and liver in your body also produce L Camitine but this metabolic supplement component is also found in legumes, dry nuts and dairy products.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a metabolic catalyst ingredient that is used by your body in small components. Supplements with this ingredient component are best administered to patients with chromium deficiency.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA is another ingredient found in metabolic boosters that promotes fat loss and weight loss in the body of human beings. The common side effects of CLA supplements include fatigue and gastrointestinal problems.

Green tea- Catechins

There are numerous studies on green tea and its effectiveness in reducing weight and burning excess fat in your body. Green tea contains caffeine and catechins that are very critical in supporting and maintaining your weight loss program by burning the excess calories in your body.


This metabolic booster supplement ingredient is found in peanuts, Japanese knotweed, mulberries and the skin of red grapes. It is a significant ingredient that contributes to burning fat in your body and maintaining your body weight.


Zinc is an amazing metabolic booster and you should go for metabolic supplements with zinc. The zinc component found in the supplement will work to support the thyroid function.


Selenium is another ingredient component that works to support the thyroid function in your body.

Now that you know some of the common ingredients found in metabolic supplements, I am sure by now you want to make a purchase decision but probably wondering what are the recommended metabolic booster supplements available for you in the market.

Top Recommended Metabolic Supplements of 2018 available for you:

We understand that purchase decisions are hard to make especially when the market bombards you with so any products. To make an informed decision on the right metabolic supplements, here are some of the top recommendations;

Let’s quickly dive in!!

1. Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

Garcinia Cambogia is a small pumpkin shaped green fruit that contains HCA also hydroxycitric acid an active ingredient as it helps in reducing weight. It is important to note that it does not have any side effects.

2. Hydroxycut

This is one of the most popular weight loss supplements currently in the world. It contains Caffeine and other common ingredients and you may experience irritability, diarrhea, nausea, tremors, jitteriness and anxiety if you are caffeine sensitive.

3. Alli (Orlistat)

Alli or Orlistat is an over the counter metabolic booster supplement that works as a weight loss pill. It inhibits the breakdown of fat in the body and limits the number of calories you in take through burning fat. It has digestive side effects like; frequent bowel movements, flatulence and oily stool.

4. Raspberry Ketones

This weight loss metabolic supplement contains Raspberry Ketones an ingredient found in raspberries. It increases the breakdown of fat in your body while increasing adiponectin hormone that contributes to weight loss.

5. Glucomannan

This ingredient is found on the roots of the konjac also the elephant yam. It works by helping you eat few calories in your body. It also helps in controlling the blood sugar level and cholesterol in your body.

Things to remember!!

  • Metabolism is the range of biochemical processes that occur within your body.

  • Metabolism refers to the breakdown of food to produce energy for your body.

  • A gram of carbohydrate or protein will produce 4 calories this is as opposed to one gram of stored fat which will produce 9 calories in your body.

  • Becoming over weight is as a result of the excess fat stored in your body. It is possible to lose weight and maintain a strong body health through speeding up the metabolic reactions in your body.

 Apart from the recommended metabolic supplements you can also try foods like proteins, dark chocolate, chili peppers, raspberries and strawberries to boost and speed up your metabolic reactions. For better health you need a fat loss strategy, and that is why this guide is here today to help you lose weight through speeding up your metabolism. Take the step today and use the recommendations in this guide, cut the extra fat and restore your confidence this season.


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