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With the mention of protein powder, many people think of building muscles. If you are among the many people who think that protein powder is only used for building strong muscles, then you need to revisit your thoughts for this is not the case. The best protein powder of 2018 is for more than building […]

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The Best Fat Burners of 2018 To Help You Lose Belly Fat

The Best Fat Burners of 2018 To Help You Lose Belly Fat are an effective way to lose weight when used appropriately. Many people think of fat burners as pills that can make fat melt off our bodies like ice cream, but that is not the case. Fat burners are supplements designed with ingredients that can […]

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Bulking Season is it Necessary or Not

Come this time of year many people find it necessary to start eating quite a bit more after a long hard season of cutting, dieting and Cardio they feel they need to start bulking season in order to gain muscle mass and achieve a certain level of size just to lose it aging come spring or summer time. What are […]

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Routine Consistency and Discipline

Have you been trying for quite some time to make progress and nothing seems to help.  Have you been training for more than two to four years and you seem to have made very little change.  Are you lacking motivation? that is probably why!! You need routine consistency and discipline; When you see no results, […]

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Getting Shredded To The Max

Are you getting shredded to the max?  How many of you are lagging behind and not losing that extra weight that seems to lurk and not want to leave home. So many of us struggle with weight and need to lose some for health reasons or just for the purpose of looking and feeling better […]

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Perfect Protein Intake And Timetable

Most people eat animal products. And we really do become what we eat. Our skin, bones, hair, and nails are composed mostly of protein. Plus, animal products fuel the muscle-growing process called protein synthesis. That’s why Rocky chugged eggs before his a.m. runs. Since those days, nutrition scientists have done plenty of research. Read up […]

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