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With the mention of protein powder, many people think of building muscles. If you are among the many people who think that protein powder is only used for building strong muscles, then you need to revisit your thoughts for this is not the case. The best protein powder of 2018 is for more than building […]

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Guide on How to Speed Up Your Metabolism 2018

Did you know that drinking cold water on an empty stomach increases your metabolism by 30%? Well, now you know. I am sure you are probably trying to manage your weight, it is important for you to remember that strength and success will not come from the things you normally do daily, but by overcoming […]

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Routine Consistency and Discipline

Have you been trying for quite some time to make progress and nothing seems to help.  Have you been training for more than two to four years and you seem to have made very little change.  Are you lacking motivation? that is probably why!! You need routine consistency and discipline; When you see no results, […]

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The Truth About Gluten

I receive so many questions in regards to the truth about gluten. Why are we so uneducated when it comes to the knowledge regarding gluten, what is gluten, what foods contain it, is it bad, how much of it can I eat and what does it do to the internals of our body and our […]

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Maintaining Proper Gut Health

Maintaining Proper Gut Health There is a wide array of digestive problems people can experience. When your digestive system isn’t functioning properly it can negatively affect your health. The focus shouldn’t be strictly on digestion issues though; gastrointestinal problems can also affect your physical and mental health as well. Maintaining proper gut health should be […]

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