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The Best Fitness Tracker You Should check Out In 2018

It sometimes gets disappointing when you perform a lot of workouts but you can’t actually know how well that work-out was. Did you achieve anything? Just because you dripped sweat does not mean that you really worked out, How are you going to monitor your fitness goals this 2018?

It is time you check out the best fitness trackers that will help you know how to lose weight. You can easily know how to lose belly fat at home without necessarily having that gym instructor. This is only possible when you have a fitness trackers in your space. Wherever you are wearing any of these fitness trackers below, you can feel comfortable while eating, walking, sleeping and exercising with no worries since they keep track of your every move and monitor your minute by minute bodily functions. They are the so-called 24/7 hour body system surveillance that can help you lose weight in a simpler way. Fitness trackers have different functions which include, monitoring your heart rate, checking the number of calories you have burnt, monitoring your every second blood pressure levels, monitoring your sleep quality and duration. All of them help you to quickly monitor your body and avert future problems that could result from uncontrolled blood pressure and heartbeat levels. They help detect abnormal levels long before they are capable of causing any harm to the body.

The following best fitness trackers will act as your guide as you journey in this new year 2018 on your fitness voyage.

They include:

A) SMART BAND, Heart-Rate, BP-Monitor, Fitness Activity Sports Tracker Watch:

This is a slim size-able wrist-fit gadget that works to monitor your most vital bodily functions. The great key points of this gadget are:

Device features

– It keeps a record of the calories you have burnt, the distance you have walked and the steps you have taken. With such a record, you can easily monitor your fitness goals if they are going as planned.

– During the sleeping hours, this gadget monitors your sleep patterns, quality and the duration of your sleep. It assists you to sleep better since it shows you your entire sleep cycle.

– Monitors you heart-rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure on a 24-hour basis

– Equipped with a Li-Ion battery which can retain charge for up to 7 days after a single charge. But it is advisable to maintain a charged smart band for an effective fit-track process.

– Has a smart camera that shoots remote images.

– You can easily attach it to a smart-phone through its wireless feature and track your body moves/ systems on your phone. It has an up to date Android 4.3 and IOS 7.0 OS compatible feature that makes it sync directly with any Apple/ Android phone.

– The device is small in size and has a light weight of less than 0.25kg

– It is a water-resistant smart band to IPX67

– This gadget is stylish and on trend. It can go with any outfit that you would wish to wear.

– Despite the fact that it monitors your sleep pattern and quality, it also wakes you up silently without making noise for everyone (your partner) in the room.

– This device notifies you of new emails, messages and missed calls on your phone hence keeps you in touch with fast with your contacts.

Smart Band: Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Activity Sports Tracker Watch Calorie Step Sleep Counter Wireless Wristband Pedometer Oxygen Monitoring Exercise Tracking Bracelet Iphone Android

✔ THIS #1 RATED ACTIVITY TRACKER IS EQUIPPED WITH A HEART RATE AND BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR ✔ As seen on FOX, NBC, ABC & CBS! Use this revolutionary new device to track not only your heart rate, but steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes. You get INSTANT REMINDERS when CALLS or TEXTS are coming in.
✔ IMPROVE SLEEP PATTERNS AND HABITS WITHOUT DISTURBING YOUR PARTNER ✔ Monitor how long and well you sleep, and wake only you (not your partner) with a silent alarm. Plus you can activate the Anti Lost feature to get alerted when your Phone becomes too far from the Smart Band.
✔ ZERO EXTRA BULK TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE! ✔ Slim, comfortable and easy to wear. You will barely feel like you have anything on your wrist at all.

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Want to shred fat this year in a more simpler way? Do you want to know how to lose weight at home from just walking around and doing simple exercise? Well, the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is one of the leading fitness tracker out there that is working for many.

Device features

It comes in assorted colors. With its small size, the FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker keeps a record of your sleep duration pattern and monitors your daily activity levels. It is designed with high-quality sensors that calculate and track your steps, the duration you have walked and the number of calories that you have shredded that day or time of the day. Moreover, the FitBit Alta Fitness tracker is able to be used with any smartphone via its wireless Bluetooth technology and sync data directly notifying you of any message or call alerts. The device is water resistant hence you can wear it comfortably despite excessive sweat, when raining or while in deep water and the shower too. It has a bright 0- LED screen display which makes it stand out from the rest which have an LED display. The display shows you the calories burnt, the number of steps and duration covered. Its battery life has a maximum 5-day storage and the charge time is one to two hours till full.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
See stats and time with a bright OLED tap display
Automatically track how long and how well you sleep, and set a silent, vibrating alarm

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C) Fitness Tracker New You Direct Smart Bracelet Sports Wristband Smartband

This is also one of the best quality fitness trackers that we have on the market today. The smart wristband is stylish and on trend. It can go with any clothing and in any event while keep you fit as it has been designed to do.

Device features

– The device is compatible only with devices above Android 4.4 and Apple IOS 7

– Utilizes USB charging hence you can charge it anywhere even inside a car.

– The wristband is adjustable to fit the arm as preferred by the owner.

– The battery capacity is 50mAh and can last up to 7 days when charged to capacity.

– It monitors the distance that you walk on daily basis

– Makes count of your steps

– Calculates how many calories you have burnt at a certain time of the day

– It monitors your sleep pattern and sleep quality and will show you how you slept. This helps you to improve on how you sleep.

– Reminds you of your set alarm through alerts set on your phone.

– It also works to notify you when someone calls, sends a message or email.

Fitness Tracker NewYouDirect Smart Bracelet Sport Wristband Smartband Pedometer Activity Tracker Calorie Counter Smart Watch N5 for Apple IOS Android Smartphone

Fitness Tracker Sport Wristband wear technology
Multi Function: Calculate steps, Track walking distance, calories consumption and Monitor your Sleep Quality everyday; Reminder: Make a plan and reminder you each day; SMS and show Message content; Call ID: show your contact name and phone book; Vibrating Notice: lets you know when you have calls, texts, emails, and Anti-lost.
Compatibility: Support iPhone 4S/5s/5c/6/6s/6 Plus, iPad3 and IOS7.0 above; Android 4.3 above smartphone. Do Not Support PC and Windows phone.

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D)Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Heartrate Monitor

As the name suggests, this is one of the gadgets from a giant tech company Xiaomi. It is definitely worth your fitness plans this year. It is simple, stylish and trendy on your hand with very many health and fitness benefits.

Device features

– It has an advanced display OLED which shows you the heart rate, walk distance, steps covered, amount of calories burnt and your sleep pattern information. It shows the above in a single tap.

– This is a device that could show you how to lose weight in your day to day activities since it will not let you sit down in a single place for a long time

– It monitors your heart rate and walk distance on a 24-hour basis

– It helps you track your sleep pattern and quality.

– The device can continue working with ease in the rain, swimming pool, deep waters, in the shower and when you have excessive sweat since it is water-proof. With this in your attached to your arm, 2018 fat loss goals are going to be a reality since this gadget won’t allow you to rest for a long duration of time. It will always motavate you to work or walk. That’s the best thing about this device.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Heartrate Monitor – Multiple Colors

Xiaomi 2016 Flagship Smart Wrist Band
OLED Display for Time, Pace, and Heart Rate
Upgraded Pace Algorithm

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1. They are an important tool for weight loss

2. They track the quality of sleep which is vital to the overall health of an individual

3. They act as important tools in keeping track of your health especially if your fitness tracker records heart rate.

4. They serve as motivation tools. They encourage you to work harder than yesterday.




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