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The Benefits Of Milk Thistle

Why is our liver so important?

Your liver is always hard at work to defend your body from harmful toxins. A liver that is functioning properly removes all those dangerous toxins from the body by filtering them out and purifying your blood. Detoxifying your body is very important for your health. The benefits of milk thistle are tremendous and can improve overall health, lets have a look see what this supplement can do for you!

Our body takes in harmful toxins every day. A few examples include pesticides in food, pollution and water containing heavy metals. The liver can also get quite damaged through excessive alcohol intake.

There is a way to protect your liver by slowing down the damage caused or sometimes even reversing the damages. Milk thistle is a plant that has been used for decades. There are many forms you can take including pills, powder, tea or extract. Usually taking a milk thistle supplement is the best option because it allows you to take a higher dosage.

Milk thistle can be very beneficial to your health. Besides taking care of your liver it aids in protecting your body against cancer, lowering cholesterol, helping prevent gallstones and taking control of or preventing diabetes.

Milk Thistle and Weight Loss 

Milk thistle helps, with blood sugar levels and one such study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in July 2007, found that using milk thistle, in addition to the diabetes medication glibenclamide, helped with blood sugar control. It also helped people lose weight and decrease their body mass index over the course of the 120-day study. Some people find that milk thistle has a laxative effect, which could result in some water weight loss, but it isn’t likely to cause any permanent fat loss. Sometimes, milk thistle is also used to help increase the appetite of people who have a low appetite, so a chance exists that using milk thistle could make it more difficult to lose weight, if it has this effect on you.

Has Anti-Aging Effects

Because milk thistle’s antioxidants helps all over the body and remove toxin and waste from the blood and digestive tract, it can actually slow the aging process. This works for the outside of your body and also the internals.

Milk thistle is great for reducing signs of aging so consuming milk thistle can be an easy way to prevent cancer and skin damage, such as dark spots, wrinkles, lines and discoloration. The same properties make it great for maintaining the health of your eyes and skeletal system.

Recommended Dosage of Milk Thistle

Because milk thistle is categorized as a supplement, rather than a drug, it’s not subject to the same oversight and quality control from the FDA that standard drugs are. The amount of active ingredients can vary widely depending on the different preparation methods used and the brand. Currently, there are several different compounds available on the market, all recommending different doses.

Dosing hasn’t been nationally standardized yet at this time, but most people do best consuming between 20-300 milligrams daily.

Supplement form:

  •  As a way to detoxify the body temporarily, the recommended daily intake of milk thistle is 150 milligrams, taken one to three times daily. This is a somewhat high dose that can act as a natural liver “detox.”

  • For ongoing use and liver support, take 50 to 150 milligrams daily.

Look for a high-quality product that’s between 50–150 milligrams of pure milk thistle extract per capsule so you can adjust the amount you are taking depending on your needs. And make sure to look for a company that sells highly potent extract labeled at least 80 percent pure milk thistle extract.

Tea form:

You can also try benefiting from milk thistle by consuming it in tea form. Many companies like Alvita, Traditional Medicinals and Celebration Herbals make milk thistle tea by steeping the leaves and seeds from the plant.

You can also grow your own milk thistle and make homemade tea if you’re up for harvesting the plants. Each small plant head contains about 190 seeds that can be used in various ways. If you purchase or grow a milk thistle plant, cut off the entire head and hand the plant upside down for about one week to draw out the seeds.

You can then crush the seeds and seep them along with the leaves to make tea, eat them raw or dry then into powder form. Keep the seeds and leaves in the freezer to make them last longer and retain their powerful nutrients.


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