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Build Muscle In Only 7 Minutes A Day

Build Muscle In Only 7 Minutes A Day –  It may sound a bit too good to be true, but it’s true, just seven minutes of regular exercise is enough to build muscle and define your body.

This fitness program has it all! We took a closer look at the workout trend.

No time for sports? This excuse is no longer valid because high-intensity interval training (HIIT) promises top form in a short time period. In only takes as little as seven minutes a day to build muscle and burn fat. HIIT is an effective way to train because not only does it build muscle and burn fat, but it is also an inexpensive way to exercise because you do not need any equipment. HIIT can also be done in the comfort of your own home!

Keeping a long story short

Build Muscle In Only 7 Minutes A Day – High Intensity Interval Training, which is derived from circuit training, insists of performing a variety of exercises. Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds with a 5-15 seconds break in between exercises. Overall, the workout should take you between seven to twelve minutes to complete. Approximately 15 to 20 repetitions per exercise should be achieved.

The Key

Short training time is recommended when performing high intensity interval training. The same training goals can be achieved as with extended endurance training. Interval training makes you work more efficiently and because your overall intensity is greater the length of your workout can be cut down by about 20%.

Due to the efficiency, the exercises are very exhausting and sweaty. It is important that you rest and allow your body to recover between training sessions. Give your body between two and three days, because muscles will build up in the recovery phase.

Pay attention to your body. If you are experiencing pain while exercising, consult an expert for proper training techniques. This will help prevent injury.

This style of HIIT- Training is rather less suitable for beginners, as well as for people with knee or back problems.

You should have prior training experience with the exercises that are being performed in your HIIT workout. In order to achieve the overload principle, the burning of muscles should be accepted!

weight lifting

Minimal Time, Maximum success

In High-Intensity Circuit Training, Maximum Results With Minimal Investment have proven to be the key to success.

Studies have shown that twelve exercises a day are enough to build muscle and strengthen the body.

The secret should be the arrangement of the exercises:

An exercise for the upper muscle groups such as push-ups is always followed by an exercise for the lower muscle groups such as squats. Therefore, the rest periods are also designed short, since one area of the body can recover almost in between, when a different muscle group is worked.

In order to change your body, you do not need much time.

15-minute physical exertion once or twice a week is the optimal format for maintaining good shape and improving health.

Most people are convinced that you need to spend many hours in the gym to gain muscle mass and increase strength.

It is this erroneous opinion that prevents some from starting a sport. Short and infrequent exercise can bring more benefits to the body than many hours of training every other day.

Why are they effective?

One of the main causes of weightlifting disputes is the frequency and duration of training. The fitness industry assures us that you need to do it five times a week. We can Build Muscle In Only 7 Minutes A Day.

The reason here lies not in the desire to help us improve our body, but in simple commercial purposes. Fitness centers and clubs, sports shops and magazines tend to earn more, and therefore sell more of their services.

Short workouts are better, even much better than the total absence of workouts. But, given that in any workout there should be both a warm-up (to avoid injuries and to facilitate the workout itself), and a decent completion of the training in the form of stretching, how much time is left for the training directly? 5 minutes?!

At best, 9 (3 minutes for warm-up and stretching). This is negligible, although, again, better than nothing. If in the remaining 9 minutes to engage with the highest intensity, then the maximum that we can burn is 150 calories. And 150 calories is very easy to eat.

This is a light snack, or a glass of wine or beer.

Apart from the fact that even the calorie deficit that we create with such a short workout is quickly neutralized, this time is still not enough to work out the muscles to make the heart beat as often as necessary for good cardio. workout to fully enjoy a nice stretch, etc.

The Best 5 Fitness Exercises For Home

These exercises are recommended by our experts for training at a Home Gym:

Squat Jumps

These are not only perfect for the buttocks and thighs, but also great for training explosive power and burning maximum calories in no time. Whoever at home who can not jump up and down, because it is too loud, do deep knee bends without jumps in alternation.

jump squat

Mountain Climber

For the mountaineering exercise, go into the push-up and alternately take the right knee to the right elbow and the left knee to the left elbow. The thigh is guided parallel to the ground, the butt always stays in line with the upper body.

mountain climber

Plank Variations

Support exercises primarily train the midsection and deep muscles – ideal for an upright posture and a firm stomach. With a normal forearm support, lower your forearms on the ground, your shoulder stays slightly above your elbows, your whole body is under tension.


Beginner Push-Up

Starting in a raised position, place your hands on the edge of the bed or on a table. Gradually, you can reduce the angle in which you push until you create clean pushups on the floor.

Our push-up tip for advanced persons,

“If you want to train the arms more strongly, you should do the tight triceps option: Simply place your hands closer to your body.”



Step back with your left foot coming into a deep lunge, bending both knees to 90 degrees.


These movements can be used (in different forms, lengths, rotation and variation) for those who want to lose weight and build muscle, a short 7- 15 minute workout is all you need.

Perform each of the above movements for 30 seconds at a time. Repeat the steps 4X!!

This seems like a negligible contribution, however studies prove otherwise.

Suppose that for each such workout we burn 150 calories (and this is the minimum, it’s likely that you reach it), we do this 4 times a week it’s still 2,400 calories per month – this is enough to lose 0.5 kg!

Of course, gaining momentum in fitness should be slow and gradual, but not so slow that we see no change or progress.

If we talk about maintaining the available weight, or level of physical fitness, such training makes sense only from time to time, like rest. Too much of the same routine will allow your body to adapt and it will become too easy.

Make sure you change your routine up every 6 weeks.

Why Home Training is Effective

Training according to your own bio-rhythm!

Another advantage of working out at home is you can tailor your training to your biorhythm. Because your athletic performance is subject to daily fluctuations, sometimes they are fit in the morning, sometimes in the evening-but not always you can then sacrifice them to go to the gym or outside for a workout.

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