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How To Use Castor Oil For Detox

How To Use Castor Oil For Detox

How To Use Castor Oil For Detox – What a Simple Oil Can Do for You – We’ve all grown up watching those Tom and Jerry cartoons where the little girl used to try and treat the baby’s colic with Castor Oil.

But if that’s all the exposure you’ve had to this oil throughout your life, we are about to give you a surprise. But before we delve into the detox and other benefits of the oil, here’s a little background:

castor oil health

The Origin Story:

Castor Oil is a vegetable oil derived by pressing down upon the seeds of the castor plant.

Throughout the years, Castor Oil has held a special place with healers and common folks alike due to its many healing and especially detoxifying properties.

In fact, many people use it to detoxify the body, as a laxative and even to induce labor.

The best part?

Castor Oil is one of the only oils that delivers all these benefits without causing serious side-effects. Though there are many ways you can use Castor Oil to work your way towards a healthier body, we’ll start off with the simplest one:

castor oil health

Make a Detox Pack:

If you’re not in the mood to take a great big spoonful of the good oil orally, making a detox pack is your best bet.

A castor oil pack is the simplest way to detox because it involves nothing more than a bottle of castor oil, some plastic cling wrap, a towel and a heating pad or hot water bottle.

The pack works by applying the oil onto your skin and activating it To put it simply, apply the oil onto your stomach, cover your stomach with plastic film wrap, place a towel on top of that and finally place a hot water bottle on top.

Relax for about an hour as the detox pack works its magic and take a shower. Going through this exercise will not only help you detox on the regular, it will also help speed up any weight loss endeavors you might have!

castor oil health

Castor Oil Detox Drink:

There are many drinks you can make in order to help detox your body but first, you need to understand why you actually need to detox your body on the regular:

Stomach detoxification is something that can range from mild discomfort to medical complications in the long run.

It is natural for you to get constipated every now and than This can happen due to a number of reasons ranging from eating unhealthy foods to any natural bodily function.

Castor Oil works as a natural laxative and helps ease constipation and pain with constant use. Castor Oil, when taken orally, helps reduce the amount of toxins in the body.

This helps to improve digestion, speed up metabolism and reduces common abdominal problems such as nausea, vomiting, flatulence, cramps and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Castor Oil Detox Drinks can be made simply by using as little ingredients as a teaspoon of castor oil and a cup of hot water. Other methods also include making a ginger tea and adding castor oil to it, mixing equal amounts of castor oil and orange juice, mixing a teaspoon of castor oil with milk and others.

All these methods should be done on alternative days throughout the week for maximum effectiveness.

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The Castor Oil Cleanse:

If a simple detox isn’t enough for you, you might want to opt for the Castor Oil Detox Cleanse. This method of cleansing is an old Ayurveda recipe but one that is highly effective for a quick cleanse.

The Castor Oil Detox Cleanse targets food that sits too long in your digestive tract and any bacteria that might ferment as a result of this.

How To Use Castor Oil For Detox –  is an excellent way to remove toxicity from your colon, kidneys, stomach, liver and spleen while also making sure that your intestines are clean and digesting food the proper way they should.

Just make sure that you are not taking any medications that might clash with the Castor Oil and that your intestines aren’t inflamed before you start out on the Castor Oil Detox Cleanse.

It’s always a good idea to discuss your plans with your doctor beforehand to make sure that your body can handle going through the ultimate cleaning treatment.

In order to start the Castor Oil Detox Cleanse, you should start preparing a few days in advance. Start off by keeping your meals light for up a minimum of 3-4 days. Indulge more in soups, vegetables, broths and light proteins. During this time, make sure to stay away from meat, alcohol and cheese.

These will turn hard and be difficult to pass on when you start the cleanse so make sure that your heaviest meal is at lunch time and is thoroughly cooked. During the days leading to the cleanse, make sure to consume plenty of liquids.

A detox is basically a method of washing your body out from the inside and since you can’t wash without water, keeping hydrated is a good idea.

In order to start the cleanse, all you have to do is keep eating light as described above while taking a special castor oil tea brewed by mixing a teaspoon of castor oil in a cup of strong ginger tea before going to bed.

Don’t worry if you need to go to the bathroom during the night when you start the detox. Castor oil is a strong laxative and this is part of the cleansing and detox process. Discontinue the tea after 7 days and keep eating light for up to a week after you stop the cleanse.

Slowly and gradually start introducing heavier foods to your diet again. During the cleanse, make sure to stick to a calm routine and get plenty of sleep because any detox cleanse takes a lot of energy out of your body.

Make sure that you don’t repeat this detox cleanse more than twice a year because this can irritate the intestines and also compromise on the integrity of your colon.

Like any laxative, Castor Oil can also be habit-forming which is counter-productive to the detoxifying cause so never over-do it no matter how much you want to speed up your weight loss and detoxification process.


Castor Oil and Weight Loss:

Even though Castor Oil has a lot of major weight loss benefits, we only suggest taking 2-3 teaspoons every 3 days or so because it helps speed up your metabolism and curb appetite without making you dependent.

Have anything else to share?

Comment below and make sure to share this piece so your friends and family can reap the benefits too!

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