Vegan Bamboo Dry Brush with a 20” (51cm) Long Handle, with a Hand Bath Brush and Shower Hook

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Why do you wish to have a Body Brush?

Bathique’s Body Brush is a simple, natural way to stimulate blood float and exfoliate your skin leaving you with younger, healthier looking skin. Dry brush your body over right before a shower or bath for the best results. We even include brushing technique instructions for the best results.

Exfoliation & Clean Pores:

Dry skin brushing cleans oil, dirt, dead skin cells and other residues from the pores, which differently would not be removed from a regular shower or bath. Skin brushing will open up your pores, improving appearance and leaving your skin with a youthful look.

Increase Circulation & Reduce Cellulite:

Cellulite is underlying fat deposits usually found on the on the thighs, stomach, and butt with a dimpled, lumpy appearance. Skin brushing can help soften fat deposits and diminish the appearance of cellulite with increased circulation.

Lymphatic Reinforce:

Lymph is a fluid containing white blood cells that move through the body picking up bacteria and toxins. These toxins then drain through the lymph nodes. Poor circulation can result with this bacteria staying in your body. By brushing the skin often, you’ll be able to stimulate the normal lymph float within your body and help your body detoxify itself naturally.

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HIGH QUALITY – Do not settle for second best. This new 2017 bath brush is designed for durability and convenience with the highest quality bamboo, this is the best bath brush on the market.
LONGEST REACH AND COMFORTABLE – With the 51cm (20″) handle, you’ll be able to easily reach the middle of your back and any other hard to reach places. Also includes a hand brush built for comfort and great for the easy areas, so you’ll be able to sit back and calm down.
EXFOLIATION & CLEAN PORES: Skin brushing cleans oil, dirt and other residues from the pores. This removes dead dry skin, improving appearance and cleaning your clogged pores.
INCREASE CIRCULATION & REDUCE CELLULITE – Skin brushing stimulates blood circulation, balances fat distribution and increases nerve function all over the skin. This may help soften fat deposits and diminish the appearance of cellulite.
EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN – Just rinse after use and hang to dry with the rope at the end of the handle. Also, included is a suction cup hook to hang the brush in a convenient spot.
















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