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It started out as just another diet, no different than countless others we’d taken over our short time on this earth. Little did we know we were about to embark on a journey that would change our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

The first two weeks weren’t easy. The sugar cravings were rough. The carbs were even more intense. With only each other to improve ourselves, we found a way to get through it together. The brain fog eventually passed.

It was in that instant, in January 2017, Kiss My Keto was born.

We discovered how burning fat for energy enlivened our BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT.

A passion for the ketogenic lifestyle soon followed and continues to be a driving force in the back of everything we do professionally and personally.

The ketogenic diet is without doubt one of the most remarkable diets. It in point of fact is. Even the concept of cutting out sugar from your diet will change you for the better.

We stand in the back of it and we hope to build a community that stands in the back of it too.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world we live in.

Thanks for the improve and as all the time, understand that, stay keto.

Michael + Alex, Co-Founders
MONITOR YOUR DIETING RESULTS and TRACK PROGRESS. Don’t guess if you’re reaching ketosis. Are you active in Keto, Paleo, Cyclical Carb, or Low Carb Diets like Atkins? Keto Urine Strips are a reliable and cost-effective method for testing your ketone levels.
CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE. Results in 15 seconds. Each package contains 200 high grade keto urine strips, safely sealed to ensure the quality of each urine strip tester. Our urinalysis testers will serve as a guide to help you meet your dieting goals. Use in the convenience of your home, work, or gym without the pain of needles on a ketone blood meter device.
MEASURE PRECISE RESULTS. Detailed instructions & color chart included. The fastest way to decide if glucose / glycogen is low enough for ketosis. Get accurate results with high precision keytone level stick. Professional medical grade urinalysis test sticks that are humidity resistant with a long shelf life. Urine strips are more precise than breath analyzers.
HOW TO USE: Keep out of direct light and only remove 1 strip at a time for immediate use. Place testing area in a sample of urine or mid-stream. Wait ~15 seconds for area to change color. Review your level of acetoacetic acid (ketones) based on the color of the strips to learn about your carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Ketones in urine indicate there is not enough insulin available to use glucose for energy; you are the usage of fat instead.
TIPS: Limit daily carb and sugar intake to less than 20 grams. Supplement your diet with Kiss My Keto MCT Oil C8 Brain Fuel or MCT Oil Powder for healthy fats or Exogenous Ketones BHB’s for additional ketone consumption. Hydration and duration of keto diet may impact testing results.

















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