REEHUT Foam Roller, High Density Muscle Roller, Trigger Point Massage for Physical Therapy & Exercise, with Free…

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Relieve, Calm down and Stretch Your Muscles!

Massages are an effective way to Calm down, prepare for a workout or relieve muscle pain and tension.
But targeting those hard to reach areas is almost unattainable, and going to a professional
masseuse can be costly and inconvenient.

Effortlessly stretch and massage your muscles with the Foam Roller from Reehut! This 2-in-
1 tool offers dual texture zones: choose the soft roller for light pressure, or the hollow roller
for firm pressure. You’re able to target different trigger areas like the shoulders and
hamstrings even as still hitting hard to reach areas like the chest, neck and back.

Easy to use, the anti-slip design ensures you’re able to exercise with proper balance and
stability! Our roller is a will have to-have for physical therapy, strengthening and stretching as it
helps reduce risk of muscle injury. It’s a great addition to yoga or Pilates class, and because
it measures 13″ x 5.5″ with an inner foam of 13″ x 3.8,” it’s portable and easy to store.
We’re even including a bonus carrying bag!

As with all Reehut products, our rollers are made from premium, durable materials! The
foam core was designed to repel liquids and withstand heavy-duty use, so you’ll be able to use it
every day without having it break down or change into damaged.

Why Choose Our Foam Roller?

– Two pressure regulate options
– Anti-slip design
– Compact size ideal for travel
– Includes carrying case
– Durable and high quality

Try Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!

*Supply is limited. Order today to make sure availability.

Order Your Foam Roller Now and Calm down Your Muscles!

Outer foam measuring 13″ x 5.5″ and inner foam measuring 13″ x 3.8″.
100% EVA material (outlasts ALL cheap quality foam rollers).
Lightweight and portable, comes with a FREE CARRY CASE for easily taking and storing.
Release Myofascial trigger points and loosen knots in muscles, especially for back, calves, shins, quadriceps, IT band, hamstrings, Adductor, Piriformis, lats, and glutes. 
FREE 18 PAGE E-BOOK to show you how to foam roll accurately + safely.  












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