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The 8 Best Safety Harness For Iron Workers

The 8 Best Safety Harness For Iron workers – There are a large number and variety of jobs in the world and each of these jobs has its risks and dangers, perhaps not all of them present a danger, but in the majority, we must take safety measures.

You can constantly see construction projects in which hundreds and hundreds of iron-workers work. They can be in very high and unstable areas risking their lives. This is seen throughout North America. Many statistics show the staggering number of workers who have suffered injuries and have even lost their lives in the construction industry.

Many times this occurs because the rules or standards of fall protection are violated. In the United States, there are certain standards standards in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in which the laws are written so that the working conditions of workers are as safe as possible.

This administration expands the spectrum and goes beyond a simple building, they also protect workers who work in cranes, ovens, bridges, stadiums, and many other structures. The purpose of the laws are to protect employers and employees who work under these conditions.

The 8 Best Safety Harness For Iron workers

It is important that all workers know about the law to prevent any unfortunate event. It is necessary that iron workers recognize any danger before it occurs, evaluate the possibility of performing the work in a safe fashion to avoid an incident and many other circumstances.

To determine the best fall protection for iron-workers, it is necessary to know the work they are going to do and the risks that this can cause. Several PPE systems must be implemented according to the work carried out as conventional fall protection systems established in the law, for example, guardrail systems, travel restraint and personal fall arrest systems.

The latter includes those elements that allow the worker to tie off to avoid a possible fall. Therefore, if the work is carried out at high heights it is essential to use any of these elements such as a harness, which is placed around the torso, legs, and buttocks to hold the employee and prevent him/her from hitting the ground.

Together with the harness, a safety rope must be used to secure the harness to a solid object or surface. To complement this equipment, connector hooks, rope grab, shock absorber, and life ropes must also be used.

It is important to know the law to prevent more accidents of this type because the most important thing is the physical and mental health of both workers and employers.

The 8 Best Safety Harness For Iron workers

Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), suggest that slips, trips, and falls are significant causes of general industry incidents.

These incidents amount to 15% of all accidental deaths, coming only second to the motor vehicle caused fatalities.

OSHA standards are applicable in all permanent places of employment with an exception for domestic, agricultural and mining works.

Report by the National Safety Council, The United States, 2013, reported that falls (both same level fall and fall to lower level) were among the top leading causes of disabling workplace injuries in 2011.

A joint report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) and Disease Control and Prevention estimate that employers incur $40,000 per every slip, trip and fall incidence involving their employees.

According to the report, employees who sustain injuries from the occurrences stay away from work for en average of 11 days.

According to OSHA, employers pay one billion dollars per week in worker’s compensation. This includes compensation for injuries and time out of workplaces.

The 8 Best Safety Harness For Iron Workers

OSHA requires all employers to provide a training program to employees prone to fall hazards. That said, the employer should provide fall protection ideas that build a culture of safety in the workplace and organization.

The culture of safety in a company is a collective responsibility. It takes personal involvement of employees and employers.

The company has to provide the best fall protection devices and train employees prone to hazards on how to use them effectively.

There are many devices in the market but to ensure the safety of employees, it is only vital to choose only the best fall protection devices in the market.

Given the cost incurred in the construction industry, it is wise to consider fall protection devices that have the highest effectiveness in ensuring the safety of your employees.

Personal protective equipment range from those of positioning, suspension and retrieval equipment.

We have analyzed the best cheap fall protection devices that are highly effective.

The tools fit OSHA standards of retractable lifelines and full-body harnesses fitted with shock-absorbing lanyards.

The following ranked as top ten fall devices in all categories:

The 8 Best Safety Harness For Iron workers

Protecta Universal Harness

It has 5 Points of Adjustment on the Protecta harness allowing sizing to fit a range of workers.

The Protecta Universal Harness features a dorsal 0-ring fitted on the supply back plaque to protect workers from clanging equipment.

The safety harness has lightweight features to save you on shipping. Also, the workers can comfortably work without fatigue.

Protecta Universal Harness meets or exceeds OSHA 1926 ANSI 2359.1-1998 performance criteria.

It is economically friendly given it low shipping costs.

KwikSafety Tornado Fall Protection Full Body Harness

KwikSafety Fall Protection ANSI Multi-Purpose Construction Safety Harness with 1 D-Ring, Full Body Harness, Premium…

KwikSafety Fall Protection High Quality Heavy Duty Full Body Safety Harness provides comfort and superior quality. This premium safety harness is lightweight and designed for high visibility to keep you safe, secure and supported.
Industrial grade full body harness with 1 D-Ring in back for fall protection. Designed with extra heavy-duty webbing and rated for adults up to 400 lbs. High quality self-adjusting straps increase comfort and help reduce fatigue.
Heavy Duty High Visible Yellow Safety Harness will substantially increase day & night visibility. Ultra comfortable and lightweight with an integrated suspension relief system. "No-loose-ends" shoulder strap design. Cradle seat with Pass-Thru Leg Buckles.

Additional images:

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Price: $81.95

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This harness holds up to 310 pounds making it convenient for fall arrest, rescue applications, and restraints. It is fitted with a 0-Ring for appropriate lanyard ensuring your safety and comfort while working.

KwikSafety Tornado 10 fall protection full body harness is made from extra heavy-duty, highly-durable polyester webbing entirely entrusting your safety.

Its adjustable straps feature pass-through buckles allows to fit it at your convenience.

The Tornado is highly conspicuous and sleek design further ensures you’re seen in case of a hazardous situation at the workplace.

The product meets and exceeds ANSI protection requirements. The harness is OSHA compliant and approved.

WELKFORDER Full Body Harness

This harness is allowed distribution of the force of fall across a large area of the body using its fall protection system.

This ensures the subject of the fall remains suspended in an upright position after the fall.

It has UV resistance webbing and thread as an alternative for the harness. This ensures the durability of the harness after exposed to scorching sunlight for a long time.

The harness comes with a ergonomic design that allows the reduction of carried weight and required energy ensuring high job performance It is ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-2014 compliant and is approved by ASHO.

Its price is considerably affordable given its great features.

The body belt made of polyester with a comfortable waist pad, the body belt has belt size that is easily adjustable making it easy to work with. It features a side D-Ring for positioning, the pad ensures comfort and versatility during working.

Guardian Fall Protection Economy Harness

Guardian Fall Protection 1700 Velocity Economy Harness HUV Pass Thru Chest and Legs, Small/Large by Guardian Fall…

Guardian Fall Protection 1700 Velocity Economy Harness HUV Pass Thru Chest and Legs, Small/Large

Additional images:

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Price: $102.35

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This harness by Guardian features 3 O-Ring passes thru chest and tongue buckle legs making it suitable for high level working.

The harness is high quality and guarantees satisfaction to customers and clients.

It is made from polyester and comes with dual lanyard keepers.

It allows for customization for easy identification without interfering with the integrity of the webbing.

It is highly conspicuous that to its webbing wear indication design.

Titan Full Body Harness-Non stretch webbing

The harness features back O-Ring that keeps the worker in an upright position in the event of the fall. Titan full body harness is lightweight and is made of durable webbing that provides comfort and independence.

It is fit for body weight to 310Ibs.

The harness meets all applicable OSHA, CSA and ANSI standards.

PeakWorks – Fall Protection Vertical Lifeline

It features a D-ring for safety in case of a fall. It is made of polyester webbing for durability and protection.

It has one leg lanyard keeper and features 3-point adjust-ability. Given its great features, this harness can be considered cheap compared to the rest in the market of the entry level.

Guardian Safety Lanyard

Guardian Fall Protection 01214 3-Foot Single Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Nylon webbing is light and durable
Clear shock absorber pack for easy inspection
Easy to use self double locking snap hooks

Additional images:

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Price: $82.55

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JELEGANT Safety Lanyard, Outdoor Climbing Harness Belt Lanyard Fall Protection Rope with Large Snap Hooks, Carabineer

[High Quality]: It made of Polyester flat belt+alloy steel buckle, more protective and durable.
[Snap Hooks]: Double locking snap hook, Made of alloy steel, can be prevent to rust, and have a good strength and toughness.
[Unique Design]: This tactical lanyard is designed to reduce the risk of falling and slipping. You can easily maneuver around obstacles and obstructions while remaining attached.

Additional images:

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Price: $73.86

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Quick Release Safety Lanyards,1 Pack 1.8ft Retractable Retention Strap Tactical Military Quick Release Wasit Bag Sling…

100% BRAND NEW & HIGH QUALITY -Constructed by high quality and durable nylon material, superior elastic rubber and steel metal hooks;Exquisite work with perfect seams.
DURABLE & CONVENIENT - Special design of the small quick-release rope can open the metal hook;Superior elastic rubber inside provide good flexibility.
LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE - Construction - Braided Nylon,Weight Rating - 300 Lbs;Attached to belt, pack and outdoor equipment easily;Multifunctional sling, can be also used as phone strap, lanyard, safety rope, etc.

Additional images:

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Price: $26.99

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Guardian Fall Protection 01340 VL58-50 Standard 5/8 Inch Thick Rope with Snaphook End, 50-Foot

Heavy duty 5/8" poly rope
Resists cuts and abrasions
Attached self locking carabiner

Additional images:

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Price: $86.98

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The lanyard features an anchorage system with enough length to allow workers to safely complete the job. It is OSHA approved, and its price is relatively low.

MSA Workman Harness

MSA Safety 10072473 Workman Twin-Leg Tie-Back Energy-Absorbing Lanyard, 36C Harness Connection, (2) 36C Anchorage…

Tear-tape design to keep average fall arrest forces below 900 lbs/6kN
Twin-Leg configuration
Tie-Back configuration

Additional images:

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Price: $141.75

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This harness is made of lightweight components. Its durable webbing provides comfort while working.

Its vest-style fits a range of body sizes and types. It is made conspicuous by its color-contracting torso and thigh straps. It has a chest strap, yellow polyester webbing for visibility and web retainer for neatness.

It is OSHA, CSA and ANSI standard compliant.



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