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The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

The best way to get vitamin d in the winter: 7 great tips – Vitamin D is essential to the human body. It helps increase calcium absorption and is important for bone and immune system health. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t get enough of this vitamin in our diet or from sunlight. There are many factors that can contribute to this problem such as age, skin color, how much time you spend outside, and where you live. This winter brings a unique set of difficulties for people wanting to maintain their vitamin D levels. Here are 7 ways to help you stay healthy during the cold months.

The importance of vitamin D for your health

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body, supports bone growth and development, and aids cell regulation.

Vitamin D is naturally created by a chemical reaction when skin is exposed to sunlight. It is also found in some foods such as fatty fish, meat, eggs, mushrooms, fortified cereals, and dairy products.

In the wintertime when daylight hours are short or nonexistent in some parts of the country, you might not get enough natural sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. In addition to this lack of natural light exposure, many people choose to stay indoors more often during the cold months. This can lead to vitamin D deficiency because most foods containing vitamin D are eaten less often during the winter months.

This is why it’s important for you to know how much vitamin D your body needs and how you can get it without sacrificing your health. Keep reading for 10 ways to help you stay healthy during the cold months!


The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

Vitamin D is tricky to get in the winter

One of the most important things to know about vitamin D is that it’s difficult to get in the wintertime. That’s because our skin makes less vitamin D when it’s cold out, and we’re not getting much sun during this time.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can help boost your levels without having to take a supplement. Here are some options to try this winter!

Get outside when you can

The sun provides your body with vitamin D. The majority of people get their vitamin D from the sun. When the days are shorter and there is less sunlight, it can be more difficult to maintain your levels.

If you live in a cold climate, it’s important to get outside when you can. This doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all day! Get out for 30 minutes each day to let your body soak up some vitamin D. If you can’t be outside because of weather or other circumstances, try to spend time near a window where natural light will hit your skin for at least 10 minutes each day.

The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

Know what’s causing your deficiency

The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

The first step to getting enough vitamin D is identifying the cause. Some common causes of vitamin D deficiency include:

– Age: Older adults may not produce vitamin D naturally and need to take supplements.

– Skin color: Darker skin doesn’t always allow the body to absorb the sun’s rays, which leads to a lack of vitamin D.

– Time outside: Spending time outside in natural sunlight is one of the best ways to get vitamin D, but if you spend more time inside, you will need to supplement your diet with other sources.

– Location: Areas like northern latitudes and high altitudes don’t receive much sunlight during winter months and this can lead to a lack of vitamin D.

Check your symptoms against these common causes to see what could be at the root of your problem. Once you identify what’s causing your deficiency, it will be much easier for you to address it holistically.

The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

Eat foods rich in vitamin D

One way to get more vitamin D is by eating foods high in the vitamin. Of course, this isn’t always an easy task. You need to eat foods that are denser in vitamin D while maintaining a healthy diet for your body. This can be done by adding some of these foods to your diet:

-Fatty fish like mackerel, tuna, sardines, trout, and salmon

-Grass-fed beef


-Butter or ghee

-Olive oil

-Cod liver oil

-Raw milk or cheese made from raw milk

Get some natural light indoors

You may think that you need to spend as much time outside as possible to get your vitamin D. But if you can’t do this, don’t fret! There are many ways to get natural light indoors.

If you live in a sunny area, invest in a light therapy box or a UVB lamp. These devices produce a type of natural sunshine that tells the body it’s time for vitamin D production. If you have darker skin, there are lamps made just for you too.

If you have darker skin and don’t want the artificial tanning effects from these lights, use an app like Filtari, which will tell you how much time is safe for your individual body type to spend in the sun.

In addition to getting some natural sunlight indoors with a lamp, make sure to eat foods rich in vitamin D such as salmon, sardines, and eggs.

The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

Take supplements

You can take vitamin D supplements to make up for any deficits you’re experiencing. The National Institutes of Health recommends adults aged 19 to 70 should take 600 IUs per day, but the recommended dosage may vary based on your age and health needs.

There are many different brands of dietary supplements that contain vitamin D. You can pick one that’s right for your body to help you meet your daily needs.

Just be sure to talk with your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen, because not all people are safe taking this vitamin D for an extended period of time.

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The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips


The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips




The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips


The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips


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The Best Way To Get Vitamin D In The Winter: 7 Great Tips

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