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Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat


The Vision

What is your purpose and vision, the driving force behind the goal.

Visualize yourself achieving it. Big goals can feel overwhelming.

Some of the biggest names in society and in the fitness industry have sworn by this technique.

The art of visualization and goal setting has been used widespread to fulfill one’s ability to conquer any such goal that comes into their mind.

All you need to do is picture yourself already achieving the goal in question and make sure you put a valid daily effort into taking the steps to achieving this goal.

Create Accountability

Take accountability for your actions, including eating habits, workout schedules etc… make comprehensive documentation on what you do. Make a consequence for not sticking to what you had set out to, such as canceling a dinner you had planned.

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

Small Victories

Break you your goals into mini sectors, if you try to take on the whole world at once most likely nothing will happen. However if you break up you thoughts, yours feelings and your goals from day to day week to week. These will soon add up and will not seem so daunting. Soon you will see results and not feel overwhelmed.

Tomorrow is Another day

If for some reason you are not feeling so motivated or something happens in which sets you back a few steps. Take a day off, reboot and reset. This can be vital in keeping a proper mindset and not feeling forced into doing something.

Tell your mind to Keep quiet

They say that ignorance is bliss, and for fitness that can be the case. Do not get caught up in all the minor details at this point. You need to focus on the basics and the most important things at this moment. Sometimes you need to go with the flow and don’t over analyze things too much. Go by how your body feels and listen to it. Tell your mind to stop.

Surround yourself with Success

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

A huge influence and motivational platform is to surround yourself with success. Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with successful people weather in fitness or in general can boost your success by up to 50 percent or more. As they say you are you you hang out with..

Look back see the Progress

Once you start to see small changes and small progressions you will be so much more motivated and you will want to keep trucking along. Seeing progress is one of the most gratifying and satisfying things around, so look back, keep track write things down, changes you see in a journal and feel that rush of accomplishment in your life.

You are what you Eat

Keep in mind that in this journey you will only see changes when you start to change your eating habits. Be accountable for every little thing you put in your mouth.

Prove them Wrong

Do you ever get upset when you are told that you cannot achieve something. I think that this is one of my number one motivational tools. I just love it when someone tells me that I cannot do something.

Be a Warrior

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

You need to be a machine in everything that you do. Time to get down and dirty, be serious about what you want. Make it for a cause like your family or for a loved one. When there is a cause your more likely to succeed.

When you do have a mindset and a proper goal in mind these goals will come to pass and they will become ever so much more achievable, you will see proper results quickly.

I’ve listed some exercise movements below you can do that are effective and do not take much time..

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

Compound exercises are effective.

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

1. Squats

This is a compound exercise that will tone your body in a short time. It will strengthen muscles in the butt, leg, inner thighs, core, calves, glutes, hamstrings and abs.

You can have that lean body mass without having to pay someone to train you. You can do it by simply starting with making your feet wider while you stand. Your chest should be kept up and the arms out just on your front.

This will create a good balance for your body. You can then assume a sitting position to begin your squats.

This position should make you feel as if you are almost on the floor. As you move up and down let the feet stay in a wide position. This way you will be able to squeeze your glutes.

You can begin with twenty squats which will take you about five minutes. As you progress you can do 50 to 100 squats.

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

2. Burpee

This exercise is another great one for the entire body that will not take much of your time.

The benefits of burpees will be noticed on the arms and chest. Other muscles include quads, glutes, abs and hamstrings.

It is vigorous and you will feel as though your legs are heavy.

The full body exercise will work on many muscles and surprise you. You will start with the normal standing posture.

You can now bend the knees and put your hands on the floor with the shoulder width that are apart. Proceed to kick your legs out behind you, so that you can descend your body.

At this time bend the elbows and let the chest touch the ground. With your arms, you can be able to bring up your body from the floor. You then jump up straight with your arms stretched over your head. This movement will burn lots of body fat.

When you land on your feet let the knees bend to achieve great results. You can repeat the workout so that you can feel stronger and keep your heart at a good rate.

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

3. Side Lunges

This workout is easy to do and you will not find it hectic. It will work on your inner thighs and glutes.

Side lunges are done with feet together in a standing position. You will need to take the right step with the right foot.

As you do this, bend your knee and push our hips backward. You will achieve a side lunge by doing that. You will now return to the standing position and do the same for the left leg.

4. Jumping a rope

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

I’m sure you skipped a rope right from your childhood so this one is familiar. You will feel energized after skipping or jumping a rope.

It also helps to stabilize the heart rate. You can be sure to get a full body workout when you do it right.

By keeping the core and the butt tight you will get a good results. Depending on your pace, whether fast or slow you will totally enjoy skipping a rope.

By standing tall with our back straight, engage your core and make it tight. You can then hold the rope in your hands. The elbows should be at par with your waist as you skip the rope.

Let the rope touch the ground as you jump according to your preferred speed. The exercises will tone your whole body when you do them repeatedly.

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

5. Push-ups

They are convenient and you don’t require any equipment. Push-ups will target the chest muscles, shoulders, back of the arms and abdomen.

With these exercises, your strength will be renewed. You will no longer feel weak and dizzy.

Body posture will also improve because the muscles will be straightened from the back. For people who are new to exercising, a simple push-up routine will suit you.

To work on the chest, you will assume a front leaning rest posture. It is sometimes called the planking position.

You can then lower your body by bending the elbows. This will work on the strength of your core and back too. Extend the elbows and get back to the position you were in and repeat it again.


Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

6. Planking

With planking, you can be assured of a flexible body. The lower half of your body will be properly stretched.

The core muscles will be made strong through planking. It will also improve posture and balance. You will get flat abs which is something many people desire.

For people who have back problems this will be reduced. Here you don’t need any equipment either. It will be just you in a good position. For beginners, the planking exercise can last for two minutes.

As you become stronger you can do up to 5 minutes. It is a tough exercise but a great one for your body. Planks are done by placing forearms on the ground.

You than have your feet hip-width apart on the ground also You than squeeze your lower abdomen and remain in the position for two minutes or more.

7. Hip Bridges

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

They will help you have that perfect butt and great legs. The tension at your back will also be released and you will not be rigid anymore. A great body requires quality exercises which only mean you should do the hip bridges in the correct way.

Your glutes will have immense strength at the and of this simple exercise. You first begin by lying on the ground. Your knees should be in a bent position and feet flat on the ground.

You than tighten your glutes and lift your hips up the floor. You should however be careful not to use your lower back to lift yourself up.

8. Wall Sit

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

As the name suggests, it involves sitting on the wall using your back. The benefits of a wall sit include great endurance and strength in glutes, hamstrings, calves adductor muscles and quadriceps.

A smooth wall is always recommended for comfort. Your abs will be worked on and also your upper arms. You should lean on the wall with your feet firmly on the ground.

You can proceed to move down in a slow manner till your legs are bent 90 degrees. This will strengthen the quadriceps at the right angle. For first timers, 20 seconds will do.

With time they can achieve two minutes going forward. You can increase the timing by 10 seconds each time you gain the capacity to do it.

9. Bicycle crunch

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

To tone your legs, bicycle crunch should be your best friend. It will also improve the strength of the core giving you awesome stability.

The abdomen will become strong and your thighs will be toned. You will need to lie on the floor and stretch your legs straight. You can then place your hands right behind your head.

If you wish to interlock your fingers, you can go ahead and do so. You will than raise your legs so that your thighs are in a right angle to the ground. Your calves should also be parallel to the floor.

You should be able to keep your feet together. Lift up your head and touch your right elbow to the knee on your left. You than pull your knee towards your head creating pedaling motion. You can be able to repeat the same for the right knee.

By lifting your head you should tighten the abs by using the abdominal muscles to crunch the bicycle. In addition, tense your legs and keep them up and not on the floor.

The elbows should be at the back so that you don’t get neck pains from raising your head.

This exercise will take up to 60 seconds than gradually you can take as long as you want.

Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fat

10. Sit-ups

They will give a lot of endurance and power to your abdominal and core muscles. Great abs are produced from consistent sit-ups. You will need a soft surface to be comfortable.

A good exercise mat will do you some good. To begin the exercise, you will lie on the floor with your back. Your knees will be bent on ninety degrees angle. You can put your hands on the back Top 11 Exercise Movements You Can Do At Home To Lose Fatof your head

The hands will help you move the upper body from the floor. Lift your upper body in an organized manner It should be a steady motion that will not harm your neck.

Your feet should not be lifted up but remain flat on the floor. You can then go back to the earlier position when you were lying down. Repeat the same procedure for two minutes or as you wish.

You can count as you go up and down to maintain the records. You can also be lenient on yourself by having breaks in the same position from time to time.

11. Mountain climbers

This exercise complements other workouts. It is a perfect fitness plan for you.

The muscles it will give great results to are the hips, chest, biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, deltoids and abdominal. It will tone almost every part of your body.

You can do this exercise in the comfort of your home by yourself. By now you will have known how to plank. Mountain climbers will use the same position as planking.

To get maximum benefits you have to tighten your abs and get your body straight. You can tighten the glutes and let the shoulders be away from the ears.

Go ahead and now pull the right knee towards the chest. Take turns with the left knee by switching it very fast.

Always ensure to keep it in a straight line to stabilize your core.


With all the above workouts you will choose the ones that you feel are the best for you. Make it a priority to exercise by following the instructions to the latter.

As you have seen, most of these exercises will give you a full body workout. The benefits will surpass the pain or soreness you feel after undergoing the vigorous full body workout.



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