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5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating – With the holidays just around the corner, you might be worrying about how to get through all the parties and cookie exchanges without derailing your healthy lifestyle. It can be a struggle to avoid temptation, particularly when you’re busy, stressed, sleep-deprived, or all three.

At times, you might consider giving up and just diving into the dessert tray. But with a bit of motivation and creativity, you can whip together some festive treats that are both delicious and carb-conscious.

1. Try veggies when you’re craving a crunch.

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

We’re all guilty of lingering too long at the chips and salsa bowl at a holiday party. If you’re craving something crunchy such as a pretzel or chips, try carb-conscious snacks with a crunch – brussel sprouts chips, kale chips, veggies such as cucumber, zucchini, and carrots – they pair wonderfully with a healthier dip such as low-fat ranch or hummus

2. Sub in cauliflower for your favorite comfort foods.

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating


Do you love mashed potatoes, rice, pizza, and tater tots? If you’ve been avoiding these foods as part of your healthy lifestyle, cauliflower is here to help. This versatile veggie has recently become popular as a substitute for some of our favorite comfort foods. Mashed and steamed cauliflower have a texture and taste that is surprisingly similar to mashed potatoes – add a bit of salted butter and enjoy! And if you’re not ready to go all in on the cauliflower craze just yet,  swap out at least half the potatoes for cauliflower

3. Mix your own dressings and condiments.

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating


Have you taken a close look at the nutrition facts on your favorite cranberry sauce? You might be shocked by the carbs and added sugars in dressings, sauces, and condiments, even those that appear to be “healthier” options. The best way to avoid sneaky carbs in your condiments is to make them at home. That way, you can control the ingredients and ensure they taste great

4. Bring the healthy alternative to the holiday party.

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Where everyone else is hauling sugary cookies and cakes, dare to bring the delicious low-carb snack! Get creative with the presentation – use edamame hummus, pita, and slices of red pepper to make perfectly festive “holiday trees.

5. Don’t drink your carbs.

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

You’ve probably heard the saying, “don’t drink your calories,” before, but you shouldn’t drink your carbs either. Toss the fruit juices and sodas for seltzer, unsweetened tea, and the original favorite, water. Light beer, spiked seltzer, or dry wines are good low-carb alcohol options if you’re celebrating.


Usually at some stage in celebrations or events there is a lot happening. It is simple to get distracted at the same time as consuming. Consider your conduct at social gatherings.

Remember to:

Take time to eat locate space in which you could sit down and consciousness on what you’re ingesting
pay attention to your meals choices.

While there is a lot of meals to be had or served throughout an event it may be hard to maintain composure. Where feasible, pick healthful food and drinks. Control your feelings of hunger and fullness, there are numerous motives you can experience the need to consume or drink throughout a celebration. Make your food selections based on your hunger degree. Enjoy your food!

It is essential how you experience your food. This is particularly proper throughout holidays and events whilst the meals offered or served can also serve a cultural or traditional purpose. Ingesting foods you like without judgement lets you increase a healthful attitude about food. In preference to feeling like you are missing out when it comes to less wholesome food selections, have a smaller portion and take the time to delight in it.


For more great tips and tricks on how to make the most of your holidays with healthy alternatives take a look at our other articles!!!

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