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Dry Fasting What It Is And How Can I Benefit

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What is Dry Fasting

Dry Fasting What It Is And How Can I Benefit – Dry fasting is a culture that has been practiced by individuals or groups of people by completely abstaining from all foods and liquids, with the intention of having various biological benefits.

Dry fasting has been practiced for many years specifically based on religious grounds, or for spiritual belief such as cleansing, dedication of faith and religious beliefs and practices. Dry fasting normally leads to extreme weight loss and is an activity that dates back to centuries ago.

However, apart from spiritual gains, there are several other biological advantages of taking part in a total dry fast, but before getting into that, it is fundamental to explore the various types of fasting that are being practiced by people all around the world.

It is important to note that before starting a dry fast, there should be good preparation in order to have successful extreme weight loss and regenerative benefits.

How is dry fasting more effective for weight loss than water fasting or other body cleansing plans

Dry fasting inhibits water from entering into the body, therefore enabling the achievement of extreme weight loss much faster than other methods of cutting weight, such as water fasting.

When a dry fast takes place, no food gets absorbed into the bloodstream, hence the level of insulin is lowered in the blood, high insulin and fat storage are directly correlated and since energy production is the basis for consumption of food, the body has to burn fats for fuel.

During a dry fast, the body is denied water, and in the process it burns fat to release metabolic water for body functions. Since fat is the main source of internal water, a dry fast allows the body to burn fat and in every 100 grams of fat, there is 107-110 grams of metabolic water produced.

Only in dry fast the fat-burning process is increased dramatically, this is pivotal for those yearning to cut their weight. During a dry fast or 7 day dry fast, fat is broken down to produce glycerol, fatty acids as well as metabolic water.

As fat-burning takes place internally, weight loss starts to take shape as the level of fats drops significantly, extreme weight loss is majorly desired by individuals who intend to cut half or more of their weight and this always requires a coach/doctor or an expert for directions and coaching through the process of extreme weight loss.

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Types of fasting

Water Fasting

Water fasting is the the action in which an individual restrains form eating but allows water intake for the purpose of religion, weight loss or anti aging properties.

Occasional dry fasting

This is typically practiced by beginners and it involves abstaining from food and liquids for twelve to eighteen hours. By doing so, you allow the body  to slowly adjust without major struggle. It is prudent to stay away from tempting situations that may make you change your dry fast plans, by avoiding places where food or water is available.


Is another type of fasting where an individual fasts once a week, or skips one or two meals a day. This is more effective for a beginners, as the body has a chance to adjust its biological systems slowly without causing major alarm. It is practiced over a period of time and great benefits occur. Intermittent fasting can be practiced, whereby an individual can self deny certain food containing fats, protein or carbohydrates.

Longer dry fasting

This type of fasting, usually ranges from 2 days to around 7 days. This is practiced by individuals who are not new to fasting. Their biological’ clock’ has already accepted and adjusted to dry fasts that extends up to a 7 day fast. This is associated with giving the individual quick desired results, since dry fast itself is rigorous and involving.

Extended fasts

Is another major type of fasting that can be practiced over a period of time usually a month. In this, the person or group involved, maintains a sequence of specific number of days for the fast, This requires a lot of self discipline since it takes quite a long period of time. If one were to dry fast during this period, they must ensure that they are getting fluids every 3 days.

Open-ended fasting

Is as good as any other type of fasting, but is completely different from the rest since it has to continue until the desired results are attained. For instance, if weight loss to is 50 pounds according to the desire of the individual, then the fast continues until the 50 pounds loss is attained. This fasting is carried out, off and on perhaps a few days a week until you are satisfied with the results.

Benefits of Dry vs Water fasting

Weight loss

There are numerous benefits that results from taking part in dry fasting. A dry fast is a process of reducing fat deposits and extreme weight loss in the body. Many experts and doctors recommend dry fasting as a healthy way especially for extreme weight loss.

The Dry fast enhances burning of substances that are not only non-essential but also harmful to our health and the well being of the body.


When dry fasting takes place, detoxification is a major goal. When an animal in the forest falls sick, it allows the body to take its natural course of healing. Generally a animal would lie under the shade and goes hungry; without water nor food (dry fast) for days until it gets better. This is a natural process for all humans!!


The body uses almost 80%of the energy reserved to get the body its natural healing. When humans go through a dry fast, detoxification takes place. All unnecessary and harmful substances get burned in the body, including the disease causing micro-organisms, and in so doing, healing takes place.

This abstinence is trusting the body’s energy, thus allowing detoxification and regeneration to take place as the dry fast goes on, humans regain their health back. When we allow the natural course to take its place, we learn that it is not what we take in but what we allow the body to do that makes healing possible.

After a dry fast, the benefits are many. There is extreme weight loss, rid of parasites, burning of fats, dissolved tumors, and splitting of cells among others. There is the regeneration of the body tissue that will assist functioning of various body organs.

Fasting releases human growth hormone

Research suggests that fasting for 72 hours leads to an increased level of human growth hormone (HGH) secretion. The benefits of human growth hormone is that it help us build muscle mass, boost metabolism and burn fat. All of these factors have the ability to help us lose fat mass and become healthier individuals.

Dry fasting has an amazing healing impact to the body

As the process of the dry fast continues, the body gets rid of old and sick cells as part of the its cleansing process. When this biological action takes place, the body releases new stem cells into the tissues to replace the worn out ones, a fact that is scientifically proven beyond any doubt.

This enables the rejuvenation and regeneration of the body. This may increase youthfulness, and life of an individual to a range of between 5-15 years. Depending on how may times and how often fasting is performed.

When a dry fast begins, the body responds by burning fats, non-essential substances as well as harmful accumulations in the body, in the process of getting water for metabolic processes. Dry fast has the ability to strengthen your immune system.

Regular practice of fasting can extend life and youth by 5–15 years. Dry fasting forces the body to obtain water from the cells. During fasting, the body’ tissues (fat deposits) are eliminated faster than in the case of water fasting. During fasting, a person’s metabolism is rejuvenated and reset. Researchers and scientists have spent lots of time studying this topic.

Health facts about dry fasting and intermittent fasting

1. Dry Fasting helps to lowers blood sugar

High levels of blood sugar can be damaging to our body, brain and overall health especially those with diabetes. During dry fasting, your body is not required to release insulin, therefore allowing your pancreas to regenerate itself.

2. Dry Fasting Lowers Cholesterol

High Cholesterol is one of the leading causing of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Dry Fasting limits high fat that can contribute to higher cholesterol levels. Many times, diets such as the keto diet increase the fats in your body, which increase your cholesterol levels. Studies show that after dry fasting, High density lipoprotein (HDL- Good cholesterol) increases in women and low density lipoprotein (LDL- bad cholesterol) decreases in both males and females.

3. Dry Fasting diminishes inflammation in your body

There are numerous kinds of incendiary markers all through the body. Dry Fasting is known to bring down inflammation which reduces irritation all through the body.

4. Dry Fasting prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone illness where the bones become fragile in light of the loss of tissue. Dry Fasting is perceived for causing the hormone PTH (Parathyroid Hormone) to emit much of the time. PTH secretes calcium all through the body which helps in bone development.

5. Dry Fasting improves overall awareness

Dry Fasting strengthens your profound mindfulness and association. In spite of the fact that sustenance and water are things that we require to live, we regularly enjoy and end up excessively getting excited out of undesirable nourishment and sabotaging the significance for nutrients and water.

Essential guidelines

Who is a potential candidate for a Dry Fast?

  • Persons who have experience with fasting with water or intermittent fasting.

  • Individuals who do not get migraines or headaches.

  • People who are not addicted to coffee, tea and cigarettes.

  • Anyone who does not have any major health issues or on medication.

Who Should Not Dry Fast?

  • Anyone who hast not tried any kind of fasting before in the past.

  • If you typically get headaches or migraines you should stay away because a dry fast will trigger them.

  • Individuals with dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, or any eye disease.

  • Persons who take medication as food is recommended to taken with medication.

  • Anyone who is under 18 years of age.

How Long Is A Typical Dry Fast?

A dry fast of 16 hours per day is recommended for optimal results.

Intermittent dry fasting has studied for quite some time, no evidence suggests the safety of dry fasts that last more than a day.

How do you start to dry fast?

  1. From your last beverage around evening time until the principal drink the following day, ensure there are 12 hours.

  2. At that point, when you are satisfied, add on more hours until you can complete 16 hours dry each day. Make beyond any doubt that before a dry fast you have been on veggies and juice for no less than a week.

  3. On the day preceding the dry quick, fresh juice only.

  4. Work yourself up from 16 hours to 24 hours. Endeavor to go longer whenever. Continually monitoring of your own body and its signs. Continuously monitor and play safe!!


During the dry fast

During fasting, hunger vanishes in around three days. In the event that an individual practices medicinal dry fasting, mental cravings go away in one day. On the third day of dry fasting, a keto-acidosic state happens, much sooner than on account of restraint from nourishment as it were.

The body’s digestion enters a keto-acidosic state. In conventional fasting, a keto-acidosic state begins between the ninth and eleventh day. Its helpful impact is considerably higher. In dry fasting, a body goes into a condition of autolysis quicker than on account of water fasting.

What does that mean?

In autolysis a body searches for energy inside itself. Where does it take it from and what tissues are utilized as “fuel”?

The body realizes exactly what to do:

It begins by consuming everything that is pointless and unsafe in the body: fat, tumors, other growths.

During dry fasting, cells split quicker as the body needs supplement. The more it stays in a condition of autolysis the more powerful the regeneration and fat burning it will produce.

The body disposes of poisons alone, without extra water. We referenced that body temperature ascends when individuals conduct dry fasting.

This is the body’s safe reaction to a dry fast, at the same time it transforms every cell into a minor atomic incinerator, which annihilates everything that is pointless, hurtful or foreign.

Digestion changes over the span of dry fasting, which encourages powerful weight reduction. Fat stores are burned 10 times quicker amid dry fasting water fasting.

Another preferred standpoint of dry fasting is that the fat tissue does not completely come back after the fast is broken, as opposed to water fasting. That is of course if you do not binge eat, or eat an excessive amount of carbohydrates after the fast!!

Contrary to popular belief, not a significant amount of muscle is lost during a dry fast mostly fat is lost during a dry fast.

Dry consumes mostly fat because of the change in metabolic processes. Since 90% of fat cells are water, they deteriorate 3 times quicker than muscle cells during dry fasting.

Therefore, weight reduction and conditioning happens only removing mostly fat. The body ends up slimmer and firmer.

Do Not Exercise Too Hard

Excessive sweat get rid of all of your body’s stored water, upsetting your body’s endeavors to keep up water balance.

This can dry out you and make you light-headed. If you can save your long, hard and intensive workouts for after you finish your dry fast.

Your body has signals

Ignoring your body’s signs is the most exceedingly terrible oversight you can make on any fast. Pay thoughtfulness regarding how you’re feeling all through the dry fast and don’t falter to break the fast on the off chance that you feel something’s wrong.

Following the dry fast

It is critical to break a fast appropriately. The following day is in every case best to leave to juicing, at that point move to some high water natural products like fruits and vegetables.

It is critical to remain hydrated. Slow and relentless wins the race!

With regards to fasting, be modest, and begin off gradually. Complete a one-day quick at first, and gradually develop to a couple of multi day fasts.

Begin with  juice fasts, at that point water – then dry. This will allow you to perceive what your body’s responses are. As you show signs of improvement, purging your liver, colon, wiping out parasites and so on.

Secondly, subsequent to breaking a dry quick, the body starts a procedure of super-recovery, gathering vitality and regeneration.

Subsequently, after the dry fast is broken the body is flooding with energy: 4-5 hours of rest are sufficient, an individual turns out to be exceedingly perky and feels invigorated, idealistic and energized.

Most importantly after the fast, do not get into eating junk foods and excessive carbohydrates. Keep it lean and green to ensure you do not gain excessive weight and throwing off your blood sugar levels and other essential body functions.

benefits of a dry fastThe Safety and Side Effects Of A Dry Fast

The safety of a dry fast has been proven time and time again. Thousands of years ago humans would go days without food and water as it was not readily available. Our body’s were actually made for it.

During dry fasting, individuals regularly have a fever. The expansion in body temperature that happens during dry is a normal reaction to the dry fast.

Some other side effects may include:


Disturbed rest – because of the change in circadian rhythms


Every cell in the body is transformed into a sort of little burner and the poisons inside it are obliterated. On the off chance that a cell is excessively harmed, it is killed completely.

Finally, dry fasting is more affordable

There is no requirement for extraordinary sustenance, suppers or prescriptions. This is consequently the most ideal approach to treat obesity.

benefits to dry fasting

The end results of the fast are the following!!

  • No anxiety

  • No irritability

  • No steady hunger

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Elevated state of mind

  • Tons of energy

  • Deep sleep

  • Aches subside

  • Better skin

  • More muscle and endurance

  • Enhanced libido

  • Body fat starts to disappear

  • Blood sugar and pulse normalizes

  • Tightens up loose skin


















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