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How To Always Be Happy In Life

How To Always Be Happy In Life

How To Always Be Happy In Life – People often associate longevity with boredom, loneliness, and weariness of having been on earth for so long. On the contrary, the truth is that with good health, long life is something to look forward to.

So, forget about the growth hormone injections and let’s focus on real things that work. Find out how body, mind and soul work in sync to determine how long you live. The following is an insight into the relationship between health and longevity.

mental health



What is the relationship between mental health and longevity? It all starts in the brain. A healthy mind supports a healthy body and a healthy soul.

How Often Do You Exercise Your Brain?

As you grow older, the brain ages too and constantly undergoes a treacherous time trying to cope with neurological effects of aging. Some of the effects include memory loss and susceptibility to other mental illnesses like dementia. Researchers have found out that there are some brain exercises that could help you maintain a healthy brain and as a result even extend your longevity.

These exercises include listening to music, doing calculations in your head, learning a foreign language, learning a new game/sport and challenging your smell and taste senses. What Stress is Doing to You Every time you allow stress to negatively affect the way you live, you are actually allowing it to reduce your life expectancy.

Stress also interferes with the normal level of cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for regulating blood sugar level as well as sustenance or memory. Continued periods of stress therefore open the door to lower immunity, memory loss, and the possibility of suffering life threatening conditions like stroke.

If not taken care of, stress often graduates to depression which is even more difficult to manage. Even so, psychologists say that it is normal to experience stress from time to time. It is one of the ways we learn important lessons in life.

education health

Education and Awareness:

A recent study shows that better educated persons and those who are more aware of situations are usually healthier. The study also reported that more educated people are less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses. More educated and informed people are likely to have more advantages like health insurance and enough income for better diets.

The more educated population in society is also less likely to engage in unhealthy practices like smoking. As such, the study concluded that educated people are more likely to live longer than other individuals. Since the brain is the part of you that learns, it is good to feed it with important and meaningful information, ask your doctor about the foods that aid in better comprehension for an easier learning experience.

What Should You Do?

If you want to live longer, you definitely have to take care of your mental health. It begins with getting enough rest, avoiding stress and constantly engaging your brain. Let your brain come alive again. As you grow older, it’s not only your muscles that wear out your brain is also subject to wearing out and it needs regular maintenance and repair.

Learn to protect your brain by feeding it with the right stuff. Adopt a reading plan that will help you to gain more information about better health practices.

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Your body is the only visible part of you, and it needs a lot of maintenance. Learn to give the body what it needs, not what it wants.

Staying Active Through All Stages:

Are you wishing you could always maintain a youthful appearance? Well, stop wishing and start working towards it Experts say that people who maintain an active lifestyle from their youth to middle age often have a higher chance of living past the life expectancy.

If exercise hasn’t been your thing, don’t just run to the gym because you read this, begin by adopting a more active lifestyle every day. Walk more, drive less, start stretching for more flexibility, consult your doctor about the best cardiovascular exercises to start and stick to the routine.



What Part Does Sex Play?

This is just the perfect reason why you should have more sex. Research shows that sexually satisfied couples are happier in life and tend to live longer. But don’t for a moment think that more sex is independently responsible for more longevity.

Healthy sex has to be safe and free of other issues like STIs and psychological pressure. As you advance in years, understand that it is normal to experience issues ranging from erectile dysfunction for men and menopause for women. Still, it is possible to be sexually active and satisfied even in such circumstances.

keto health

Diet, Exercise and Your Heart:

Almost 85% of all old people die of heart related illnesses. Physicians say that the number one way of ensuring you have a healthy heart even after 65 years is maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. If you and your heart are to be friends, reduce your sugar, fat and alcohol intake, put the cigarette away for good and start an exercise routine.

If you are not entirely a vegan, try as much as possible to eat white meat in place of red meat. A recent study found that red meat is not good for the heart as it is a source of blood cholesterol. A healthy heart is also dependent on healthy body weight. A balanced diet is the best source of cholesterol.

A healthy heart is also dependent on healthy body weight. A balanced diet is the best source of immunity. Apart from keeping you from contracting illnesses, a good diet keeps away lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes type 2, kidney disease, and atherosclerosis.

What Should You Do?

The only way to have perfect physical health is to exercise regularly and to stick to a healthy diet. Staying hydrated is also very important. If you think you cannot keep track of daily hydration requirements, make a habit of eating fruits and veggies.

Avoid drinking too much soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine. You can find non caffeinated teas that are good for your health. On the sex part, learn how to satisfy each other without necessarily having sex. Also keep your doctor close and ask how you can help each other to detect prostate and breast cancer early.

emotional health


According to Plato, your soul is comprised of reason, spirit and appetite. It is the most important part of you. It is actually who you really are tame your soul by adopting and keeping habits that work towards better health.

The Power of Positivity:

Your success in attaining longevity depends very much on positive attitude and the happiness that comes with it. The ability to stay positive in the midst of such issues as midlife crisis, age discrimination and deteriorating health is important if longevity is your target. Positivity comes from feeling good about yourself and the environment around you Pursue your goals to achieve personal satisfaction and surround yourself with the right people.

Success in Relationships:

Too many heartbreaks are not good for your health. From friendships, to marriage and all other relationships in between, the success rate of important relationships actually affect longevity. Experts say that maintaining new and old friendships helps people avoid loneliness and stress.

People with happier marriages and fewer divorces are also likely to live longer. This is, however, not to mean that single men or women can’t be happy. As long as one can make meaningful friendships as they grow older, he/she will have people to offer moral and emotional support needed in the journey of life.

religion health

Spirituality and Longevity:

Research reveals that people who have a profound spiritual life are less apprehensive about getting old. Faith has a direct bearing on happiness and contentment in life. People who believe in GOD live longer than their counterparts who don’t. The Bible actually records GOD fearing people who lived for hundreds of years.

On the other hand, psychologists have recorded positive behavioral change in patients who got introduced to a counterparts who don’t. The Bible actually records GOD fearing people who lived for hundreds of years. On the other hand, psychologists have recorded positive behavioral change in patients who got introduced to a more spiritual life during therapy.

Believing in GOD often goes hand in hand with a life free of risky behavior like drug and substance use, and promiscuity which in turn translates to healthier longer life. And if you didn’t know there are parts of the world where health is complemented by faith. I actually once walked into a hospital and saw a wall hanging with the words, ‘We treat, but GOD heals’.

What Should You Do?

Make friends and reach out to people. Social connections have been proven to help older people deal with issues such as ageism. This in turn helps them add some years to their expectancy. Always maintain a positive attitude of yourself, others and the environment.

You can do this by getting yourself into more activities that involve more people than just you. Look towards the future with optimism and try to find a spiritual bearing in life. Meditate on GOD and avoid the guilt of past failures. Forgive yourself and lighten your heart by forgiving others too. Being in peace with GOD and with all other people adds up to more mental freedom and less worry about the future.

old age health


Psychological Preparedness:

This comes in the form of anticipation of long life, the attitude adopted, and capacity to handle the inevitable change that comes with ageing. Psychological preparedness for ageing begins from knowing and accepting everything that comes with advancing age.

Self-realization is at the center of being psychologically tuned for the long life ahead. This means that even as you explore everything that life has to offer, you dedicate more of your time to fulfill your own potential. Being happy with yourself is often the beginning of the journey to long life.

financial health

Financial Freedom:

If you are looking forward to and getting ready to live a long life, you should be financially ready for the unproductive years after retirement. Being financially independent in old age will help you to focus on other things that bring about happiness and contentment.

It will rid you of constant worry and possible depression. The key to financial freedom is preparing for a happy retirement. Have a sound retirement plan that has more to it than just savings and holiday plans.

Take stock of the friends with whom you’ll spend time with, the new hobbies you might take up, and the path you will take from here to your last days. Psychologists say that it is normal to feel a little bit lost or confused about how to get ready for retirement.

So, it is okay if you think you need a little help in finding out what will work for you. Financial advice is not something to assume if you’re looking to make some good and informed decisions about stability in retirement.

sad health

Getting Ready To Cope With Grief:

The bitter pill that every one of us has to swallow at some point in life is the death of a loved one.
Bereavement causes psychological torture to people and could have serious mental implications to older

Whether you’re young, in your mid 40’s or cruising through 60’s, you should understand that at one point in life, you might wake up to the sad news of the death of someone you know. It is very difficult to be ready for such a thing, and that’s why experts recommend that you try as much as possible to have around you, a network of people who care.

They will help you get through the pain and grief. If taken well,  grief ends with acceptance and eventually you will be able to move on in life. It is really true that old is gold. There should be nothing as fulfilling as being 90 years old and having a satisfied look back at life.

However, this is only possible if you will begin making the right choices today.  Unfortunately, some people ignore such calls to action only to regret it in future. These are the same people who make younger people think that growing old is not cool.

Make a difference for yourself by living a healthier life. Take care of your mind, your body, and your soul. Give yourself the best, and kick out every other thing that doesn’t add onto a healthier you Cheers! To a long happy life full of goodness and health!!

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