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How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus – Many supplements and natural remedies are being promoted to prevent or deal with coronavirus (COVID-19). None have been tested to work, but some have viable limited advantage. Here’s what you want to understand.

If you are making plans to try any, be conscious that ConsumerLab has examined and reviewed a lot of these products and it can be worthwhile to check ConsumerLab’s Top Picks in each category — based on first-class quality, appropriateness of power and dosing, and value — using the links supplied below.

Of course, the maximum important thing you may do to avoid infection with coronavirus is to save you exposure by way of following the latest tips of the CDC and World Health Organization and take steps to stay healthful, inclusive of getting adequate sleep and ok (but not excessive) intakes of critical nutrients, inclusive of vitamins C and D, as defined below.


Zinc has end up one among the maximum popular recommendations for reducing symptoms of coronavirus. Notably, an email written by using a pathologist, Dr. James Robb, that recommends the usage of zinc lozenges which include Cold-Eeze to keep off the virus, at the side of different tips, has long past viral.

Although there may be no direct evidence at this time to indicate that using zinc lozenges can prevent or treat COVID-19 in people, zinc does have anti-viral houses and changed into shown in a laboratory look at to inhibit the replication of coronaviruses in cells (te Velthuis, PLoS Pathog 2010).

Zinc lozenges or other orally dissolving zinc formulation containing sure sorts of zinc have been shown to lessen the severity and length of colds, which are as a result of viruses. They appear to try this by performing directly within the throat, that is why the timing and length of use topics while treating colds with zinc. The connection with coronavirus and zinc lozenges is that the major motive of contamination and death amongst those who are symptomatic with COVID-19 is breathing disease and it’s miles within the upper airway that zinc lozenges can have some pastime.

Supplementing with zinc (such as with regular tablets) would not gain maximum human beings unless they may be deficient in zinc, that is extra not unusual in elderly human beings because of decreased zinc absorption. In such humans, supplementing with zinc (e.G. 20 mg consistent with day) might also improve the danger of heading off respiration tract infection, as counseled by means of a have a look at of elderly human beings in nursing centers in France. Others who may be low in zinc include vegetarians and people taking certain medicines, together with the ones that lessen stomach acid and ACE inhibitors, on a long-term basis. The daily requirement for zinc varies with the aid of age, but, for adults, is about eleven mg.

Be aware that typical day by day doses of zinc furnished by way of zinc lozenges commonly exceed tolerable top limits for zinc, and for this reason, they should not be used for longer than approximately a week. Excessive intake of zinc can purpose copper deficiency. Zinc can impair the absorption of antibiotics, and use of zinc nasal gels or swabs has been connected to temporary or permanent lack of smell.

There are several variations of Cold-Eeze and there are numerous other zinc-containing lozenges bought. ConsumerLab.Com has tested a lot of these and has posted its Top Picks in its Zinc Supplements and Lozenges Review, which includes additional facts about using zinc lozenges, its benefits, dosing, and capacity aspect results. If you’re deficient in zinc, you might recollect a zinc pill (additionally covered inside the Zinc Review) or, as mentioned below, a multivitamin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial to the function of leukocytes (white blood cells that help to combat infections) and typical immune gadget health. Vitamin C is additionally critical for iron absorption, and being poor in iron can make you greater prone to infections in general.

However, even for viruses like colds, the proof that nutrition C supplements can assistance is modest at great: Taking excessive-dose diet C (e.G., 500 mg twice every day) before getting a chilly may slightly lessen the severity and length of a cold, however, there’s inconclusive evidence as to whether or not taking nutrition C will help after bloodless signs develop. (The normal, encouraged each day consumption of nutrition C for adults from the diet and/or dietary supplements is seventy five to a hundred and twenty mg. You can get about 80 to 90 mg from a cup of orange juice or sliced orange, or even greater from a cup of candy peppers, tomato juice, or cut kiwi fruit).

There isn’t any proof that taking a vitamin C complement, even at high doses, can protect humans from contamination from coronaviruses. This strategy is being promoted on diverse web sites and in motion pictures on YouTube. For example, one video encouraged taking a each day dose of 5,000 mg of nutrition C. It has on the grounds that been removed for violating YouTube’s community guidelines (likely as a part of an effort via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media web sites to dispose of misinformation approximately COVID-19 online, despite the fact that new posts and promotions for fake coronavirus cures and scams seem to appear day by day). High doses of nutrition C, given intravenously, are currently being tested in COVID-19 sufferers in China who’ve evolved pneumonia, but the advantage of this approach has yet to be proven.

Be aware that there are side consequences and risks associated with taking high doses of vitamin C. People sometimes anticipate there is no damage in taking massive doses because vitamin C is water-soluble (i.E. extra vitamin C is excreted from the body), however this isn’t always the case. In addition to causing gastric misery and diarrhea, excessive doses of diet C over the long-time period may also increase the danger of cataracts. High-dose vitamin C can additionally reduce the effectiveness of sure medicines and intervene with positive blood exams.

There are many diet C supplements on the market. ConsumerLab has examined a lot of those and has discovered numerous to contain almost 50% greater nutrition C than listed at the label (potentially increasing the threat of adverse results). ConsumerLab has posted its Top Picks in its Vitamin C Supplements Review, which incorporates additional data about using vitamin C, its benefits, dosing, and ability aspect effects.


Garlic has been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit sure flu and cold viruses, and one scientific trial shows garlic dietary supplements might also help to save you colds. However, there may be no current evidence that eating garlic or taking a garlic complement can help save you or treat COVID-19, as noted at the World Health Organization’s Coronavirus disorder (COVID-19) Myth busters website.

There are many garlic dietary supplements on the market. ConsumerLab has examined a lot of these and has published its Top Picks in its Garlic Supplements & Spices Review, which incorporates additional information approximately the usage of garlic, its benefits, dosing, and ability facet outcomes.


Elderberry extract has been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit the replication and hemagglutination of human flu viruses, along with sure lines of Influenza A and B, and H1N1. Small, initial trials in people with the flu recommend that, taken within the first day or so of experiencing signs and symptoms, elderberry shortens the period of the flu, but more studies are had to corroborate this. There isn’t any proof that elderberry extract can prevent COVID-19 or reduce signs and symptoms in human beings who’ve been infected.

ConsumerLab’s exams of elderberry extracts and supplements determined that the quantities of elderberry compounds in marketed merchandise ranged more than 2,000-fold — from as low as 0.03 mg to 69.3 mg according to recommended serving., although because of lack of studies, it is no longer clear what amount, if any, could be effective.

For individuals who do pick out to strive elderberry extract, it is helpful to know that it seems to be commonly properly-tolerated. However, individuals who are allergic to grass pollen may additionally have allergic reactions to elderberry. Never consume uncooked elderberries, as those incorporate toxic compounds that can motive nausea, vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea.

Based on its checks and review, ConsumerLab has posted its Top Pick in its Elderberry Supplements Review, which incorporates additional facts about using elderberry, its benefits, dosing, and capability facet effects.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements, taken every day in slight doses, may additionally assist to reduce the chance of respiration infections and viruses along with influenza A in children and adults who are poor (< 20 ng/mL) or significantly deficient (< 10 ng/mL) in nutrition D.

Although there isn’t always presently any studies suggesting nutrition D dietary supplements lower the risk of coronavirus infection specifically, keeping an good enough blood degree of diet D (20 to 30 ng/mL — despite the fact that fine now not to exceed 39 ng/mL) via getting right sun exposure (at least three instances a week for about 30 minutes exposing your hands, arms, legs, and face), consuming vitamin D-fortified products (along with maximum milks, positive other dairy meals and some plant-primarily based milks), or taking a diet D complement is a good, safe, preventative measure for protecting against respiratory infections in general. To maintain healthful levels, best 400 to 800 IU (15 to 20 mcg) is required each day, however, to reinforce low levels, better doses, along with 2,000 IU day by day, are used and are generally safe. Very huge doses, that have been taken periodically (consisting of 100,000 IU taken monthly) might not be as beneficial and could even growth the threat of breathing infections in some humans.

There are many nutrition D supplements in the marketplace. ConsumerLab has tested a wide variety and has posted its Top Picks in its Vitamin D Supplements Review, which incorporates additional records about the use of diet D, as well as its benefits, dosing, and ability side effects.

Coconut Oil

Two researchers have highlighted preliminary research at the anti-viral effects of lauric acid, observed in coconut oil, and the metabolite of lauric acid — monolaurin. They have proposed a scientific trial the use of virgin coconut oil (3 tablespoons each day), monolaurin (800 mg day by day), and/or monocaprin (800 mg every day) in patients with COVID-19. Their suggestion was published at the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines website. They word that coconut oil, lauric acid, and monolaurin have been used to help prevent viruses in farm animals, and two small trials in people with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) given coconut oil showed a few enhancements in immune device blood mobile counts. However, there may be no proof to this point that consuming coconut oil can prevent or treat coronavirus infections in humans.

There are many coconut oils available on the market and ConsumerLab has examined several famous brands. Note that massive quantities of lauric acid were located only in coconut oils that have not been subtle, including several virgin and extra virgin coconut oils, while subtle coconut oils do no longer include an awful lot lauric acid, and MCT oils include clearly no lauric acid (they may be specifically caprylic and/or capric acids).ConsumerLab has posted its Top Picks for virgin and additional virgin coconut oils in its Coconut and MCT Oils Review showing, among different things, their lauric acid content material and imparting additional data approximately using coconut oil as properly its benefits, dosing, and capacity facet effects. Monolaurin and monocaprin are sold as dietary supplements but, to date, have no longer been tested with the aid of ConsumerLab.

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) is a synthetically modified form of the amino acid cysteine (cysteine takes place clearly in ingredients, while NAC does no longer). In the body, NAC is transformed to the antioxidant glutathione. There may be very preliminary evidence that NAC may improve certain blood markers of immune gadget health however there isn’t sufficient evidence to indicate that NAC supplementation improves the immune device to the extent that it will lessen the prevalence of contamination, nor save you coronavirus infection. A scientific study the use of six hundred mg of NAC taken twice day by day in the course of flu season located that it did now not prevent infection but fewer infected humans were symptomatic. Evidence is susceptible for its purported ability to thin mucus at some point of infections like colds.

ConsumerLab.Com has tested and reviewed lots of NAC dietary supplements in the marketplace and it has posted its Top Pick in its NAC Supplements Review, which incorporates additional facts about the usage of NAC, its benefits, dosing, and potential facet outcomes.

Miracle Mineral Solution (Sodium Chlorite) and Chlorine Dioxide Kits

Miracle Mineral Solution (which contains 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water) and chlorine dioxide “kits” aren’t an answer for COVID-19 and are dangerous to drink. A wide variety of websites and social media posts sell those products to fight coronavirus. For example, on her website, marketer Kerri Rivera touts Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a “secret weapon” to combat coronavirus and preserve infection from progressing. (She became banned within the state of Illinois in 2015 from making any earlier declare that MMS can therapy autism.) Ingesting these merchandise has no longer been proven to prevent or deal with coronavirus.

These merchandise generally include sodium chlorite method to be blended with a citric acid, which includes from lemon or lime juice, or every other acid before ingesting, or are bought with a citric acid “activator.” However, adding acid to sodium chlorite produces chlorine dioxide, a bleaching agent. Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are active substances in disinfectants and should not be swallowed, as they can motive nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and signs and symptoms of intense dehydration. Such reactions aren’t proof that the product is “working,” as claimed through a few web sites. In 2016, ABC’s 20/20 detailed the case of a lady who died hours after consuming liquid Miracle Mineral Solution, which, the lady’s husband believed, may additionally have caused her death.

A strong caution from the FDA in 2019 suggested that Miracle Mineral Solution customers are “ingesting bleach” and states: “If you’re ingesting “Miracle” or “Master” Mineral Solution or other sodium chlorite merchandise, prevent now.”


Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver (an answer with silver particles) has antiseptic (disinfectant) activity on surfaces and has been promoted with the aid of several companies to save you or deal with coronavirus. However ingesting colloidal silver has no longer been shown to save you or deal with coronavirus, and there are serious ability dangers.

See the FDA and FTC’s joint warning to corporations selling colloidal silver and different products to treat coronavirus. The companies emphasized “There currently are not any vaccines, pills, potions, lotions, lozenges or different prescription or over-the-counter merchandise available to treat or therapy coronavirus ailment 2019 (COVID-19).”

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus


How can you protect yourself?

+ 10. Stress Reduction. Strong hyperlinks have been drawn between stress and immune system functioning. The extra careworn you’re, the weaker your immune device could be and the more likely you’re to expand symptoms.
+ 9. Make positive your environment isn’t too dry. Keep the air moist sufficient so that your nasal passages do no longer dry out. Consider the use of a humidifier.

+ 8. Be careful with gadgets consisting of money, pens, and keypads in public places. They are all capability assets of infection.

+ 7. Take precaution while flying on business airlines. The recirculation systems aboard planes has been implicated in the unfold of airborne infectious diseases

+ 6. Garlic nostril drops have been recognised to kill the viruses that purpose colds (in case you don’t mind the scent of garlic!). In his ebook The Healing Power of Garlic Paul Bergner suggests crushing some garlic to obtain juice, adding ten elements water and mixing well.

+ 5. If a person for your family is sick, allow them to use separate gadgets, such as handtowels, from those who are healthy.

+ 4. Keep your toes warm. Cold toes cannot cause a viral infection, but they can undermine your defenses thereby starting the door to them.

+ 3. Keep your nasal passages clear and breathe thru your nostril. Your nostril is able to filter out airborne dust and germs.

+ 2. Alternative medications. Recent research have proven that opportunity medications along with zinc and Echinacea may additionally help prevent the onset of colds.

+ 1. Never placed your hands in your eyes or to your nostril without washing them first

Increasing the intracellular Zn(2+) concentration with zinc-ionophores like pyrithione (PT) can efficiently impair the replication of a variety of RNA viruses, including poliovirus and influenza virus. For some viruses this effect has been attributed to interference with viral polyprotein processing. In this study we demonstrate that the combination of Zn(2+) and PT at low concentrations (2 µM Zn(2+) and 2 µM PT) inhibits the replication of SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and equine arteritis virus (EAV) in cell culture. The RNA synthesis of these two distantly related nidoviruses is catalyzed by an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp), which is the core enzyme of their multiprotein replication and transcription complex (RTC). Using an activity assay for RTCs isolated from cells infected with SARS-CoV or EAV–thus eliminating the need for PT to transport Zn(2+) across the plasma membrane–we show that Zn(2+) efficiently inhibits the RNA-synthesizing activity of the RTCs of both viruses. Enzymatic studies using recombinant RdRps (SARS-CoV nsp12 and EAV nsp9) purified from E. coli subsequently revealed that Zn(2+) directly inhibited the in vitro activity of both nidovirus polymerases. More specifically, Zn(2+) was found to block the initiation step of EAV RNA synthesis, whereas in the case of the SARS-CoV RdRp elongation was inhibited and template binding reduced. By chelating Zn(2+) with MgEDTA, the inhibitory effect of the divalent cation could be reversed, which provides a novel experimental tool for in vitro studies of the molecular details of nidovirus replication and transcription. (te Velthuis et al., 2010)


How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Precautions to follow:


Use a fist bump, mild bow, elbow bump, etc.

Use your knuckles.

Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches, elevator buttons, etc. Lift the fuel dispenser with a paper towel or use a disposable glove.

Open doors with your closed fist or hip.

Do now not draw close the deal with along with your hand, unless there may be no different manner to open the door. Especially crucial on lavatory and put up office/industrial doors.

Use disinfectant wipes.

Get them at shops while they are available, which includes wiping the cope with and infant seat in grocery carts.

Wash your hands with soap.

Do this for 10-20 seconds, and/or use a more than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer on every occasion you return home from ANY interest that involves places wherein other human beings were.

Keep a bottle of sanitizer at every of your domestic’s entrances.

Also, maintain to your automobile to be used after getting gas or touching different infected items while you can’t straight away wash your hands.

If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard.

Use your elbow simplest if you have to. The apparel to your elbow will comprise infectious virus that may be passed on for up to per week or more!

Stock up on:

Latex or Nitrile Latex Disposable Gloves

This is to be used whilst going shopping, the use of the gasoline pump, and all different outside interest while you are available contact with infected areas.

Note: This virus is spread in large droplets through coughing and sneezing. This means that the air will now not infect you! But all the surfaces in which those droplets land are infectious for approximately per week on average – everything this is associated with infected human beings might be contaminated and doubtlessly infectious. The virus is on surfaces and you’ll no longer be inflamed until your unprotected face is at once coughed or sneezed upon. This virus handiest has cellular receptors for lung cells (it best infects your lungs) The most effective way for the virus to infect you is through your nose or mouth via your fingers or an inflamed cough or sneeze onto or into your nostril or mouth.

Disposable Surgical Masks

Use them to save you touching your nose and/or mouth (We touch our nostril/mouth 90X/day without understanding it!). This is the best way this virus can infect you – it’s miles lung-specific. The masks will not prevent the virus in an immediate sneeze from getting into your nostril or mouth – it is best to preserve you from touching your nostril or mouth.

Hand Sanitizers and Latex/Nitrile Gloves

Get an appropriate sizes for your family. The hand sanitizers need to be alcohol-primarily based and extra than 60% alcohol to be powerful.

Zinc Lozenges

These lozenges had been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most different viruses) from multiplying on your throat and nasopharynx. Use as directed numerous times every day while you start to experience ANY “cold-like” symptoms beginning. It is first-class to lie down and allow the lozenge dissolve inside the back of your throat and nasopharynx. Cold-Eeze lozenges is one logo available.

Final comment regarding the usage of zinc lozenges has been the subject of some criticism. The fact-checking internet site Snopes followed up with the doctor. See the response below.

“While Robb does suggest zinc lozenges (of any emblem, he told us), he would not describe the product as the silver bullet method to the outbreak:

In my experience as a virologist and pathologist, zinc will inhibit the replication of many viruses, which include coronaviruses. I expect COVID-19 [the disease caused by the novel coronavirus] might be inhibited similarly, however I have no direct experimental support for this claim. I need to add, however, that the use of zinc lozenges as directed by means of the producer is no assure in opposition to being infected through the virus, even supposing it inhibits the viral replication in the nasopharynx.

In trendy terms, research indicates that zinc can be capable of inhibit the unfold of a few viral infections, however the question remains scientifically unsettled. A 2010 take a look at the use of cellular cultures posted in PLOS One observed evidence that increasing intracellular zinc concentrations “can efficiently impair the replication of lots of RNA viruses” which includes coronaviruses. According to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, “trials conducted in high-earnings countries considering 1984 investigating the position of zinc for the commonplace bloodless signs and symptoms have had mixed results.” The not unusual cold is triggered by means of a deadly disease additionally categorised as a coronavirus.








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