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Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me? – You might have joined the gymnasium to drop weight, but this usually comes with a price. The average gymnasium club costs $50 a month and luxury gyms run nearly three hundred a month. Sure, the perks may be nice, but are they well worth it if you’re on a budget?

Enter Planet Fitness.

This massive gymnasium chain – there are 1,500 places worldwide — gives ultra-cheap, no-dedication club that starts at just $10 a month. Designed particularly to appeal to casual health club-goers and with a strict “no lunks” policy. – Stay away meatheads!!!

Planet Fitness Expenses.

The promise of $10-a-month gym membership in reality sounds enticing. But your inner skeptic is probably thinking if this deal is definitely as good as it seems.

Well, the $10 monthly memberships are virtually for real, though there are some things to be aware of before you signal up. Here’s what you’ll pay to join a Planet Fitness gymnasium.

$10 a month gets you a Classic membership. At a few places, this selection is no-commitment, meaning you may cancel at any time. At other places, a 12-month commitment is required.
Some locations provide a $15-a-month, no-dedication club.
$21.99 month receives you a Black Card membership. There may additionally or might not be a 12-month commitment, relying on the region.

The $10 and $15 memberships are bare bones. You get get right of entry to to your own home membership, plus loose fitness training. That’s it. Depending on your region there may be a annual membership fee of $30. Make sure you ask! Some clubs even with the basic membership will allow guests, the use of other clubs.

Upgrading to the Black Card membership comes with some greater perks. You can use your membership at any Planet Fitness vicinity, for one, and are allowed to carry a visitor for free. You also can take benefit of the gymnasium’s Hydro Massage chairs and tanning beds, and you get reductions on beverages and other products.

All Planet Fitness places additionally have a free pizza night time on the primary Monday of each month, and loose bagels on the second Tuesday of every month.

How to cancel your Planet Fitness club.


Canceling any fitness center club may be a pain, with most gyms requiring you to jump through at least a few hoops to get out deciding to buy a club you no longer need or use, even though Planet Fitness promises to make the manner easy.

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you could fill out documentation at a club or send a letter via certified mail, or online to your membership asking for that your membership be canceled. Some clubs require 1 week notice. Also some clubs you have to do this in person.

Is there a cancellation price? That depends. “Nominal cancellation expenses might also apply depending on which membership a person chooses, despite the fact that Planet Fitness always gives a no-dedication membership option,”

Is Planet Fitness proper for me?

Planet Fitness isn’t the right gym for everyone, and it doesn’t pretend to be. If you’re a workout novice, on a strict budget, or just a person searching out a cheap, no-frills fitness center, it could be the perfect fit.

But if you want facilities like childcare, yoga or spin classes, or a pool, you’d be better off somewhere else. And if you’re into lifting, Planet Fitness genuinely isn’t the location for you. There are not any heavy loose weights – dumbbells only move up to 75 pounds — and the ban on “meathead” behavior imply that a few bodybuilders say they don’t feel welcome there.

The company’s philosophy makes a specialty of making participants experience welcome. “Judgement Free Zone” is the motto of each health club. If operating out intimidates you and you need to join a fitness center in which you may be yourself, this focus on judgment-loose health may be very appealing.

Joining a gymnasium is more than just finding the right philosophy, though. Our evaluate will help making a decision if Planet Fitness is right for you via analyzing key components of its membership.

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?


Affordable monthly payments
Low-pressure, welcoming atmosphere
Free fitness training
30-minute workout circuit simplifies weight education
TRX area\Lots of cardio
Massage chairs and hydromassage beds


Lots of beginners
No organization exercise classes
No pools or saunas\Not much free weight
No child care

Common Complaints.

Hard to Cancel: There are dozens of critiques from consumers noting how difficult it was to cancel a club and how, in some cases, they have been required to send a licensed letter to the gymnasium at which they signed as much as cancel. We also examine court cases approximately Planet Fitness’ unwillingness to budge on their cancellation rate, regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation (illness, injury, etc.).

Poor Customer Service: There are several money owed of PF customer support reps being impolite and unhelpful. Many of the lawsuits we study pointed out team of workers become unhelpful and aloof whilst the consumer tried to cancel their club.

First, you can avoid maximum of the problems clients complain approximately via signing up for the $15 no-commitment plan. You won’t ought to worry about cancellation prices or club personnel that sluggish down the technique because they don’t want to lose your membership.

Second, elements like cleanliness and customer service will vary by region. Head to the Planet Fitness club you’ll maximum possibly use. Talk with the group of workers there and get a experience for their attitude. Read critiques for that specific club.

Finally, if you select to do a 12-month contract, ask for a copy of the contract earlier than you sign. Read through all the satisfactory print. Make sure you understand the way you cancel your membership and while you’d want to cancel to avoid the annual price charged in February.

Who Planet Fitness May Not Be Good For?

Great gyms have dance, HIIT, senior-centered and spin training. Planet Fitness’ only “class” is its basic every day weight training classes that concentrate on getting to know and the usage of weight machines.

Finally, Planet Fitness isn’t good for you when you have kids and want to drag them with you when you workout. PF places don’t offer childcare in order to preserve club costs low.

What Is the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?

Planet Fitness turns on a light- and sound-powered “lunk” alarm on every occasion members slam weights down and/or make loud grunting noises. This alarm is part of Planet Fitness’ emphasis on making their gyms non-intimidating and welcoming.

What Is Planet Fitness Hydromassage?

The hydromassage beds that Black Card contributors have access to are open-pinnacle beds that rubdown your back thru pressurized water shooting underneath the bed’s surface.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Yes. Planet fitness does have showers but they are basic bare bones nothing fancy, some are very small.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?


Does Planet Fitness Have Pools?


Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?


PF have a form of unfastened weights. (Limited)

Does it have spin bikes?


Does it have cardio equipment?

Does it ever!! One of the biggest draws of going to planet fitness is the fact that it has so many pieces of cardio equipment ranging from the stair master,treadmills, recumbent bike elliptical!! no spin bike.

Does Planet Fitness Have Classes?

The gym has no organization fitness classes. However, they do small-group weight training periods through which trainers display you a way to use weight machines effectively. They also have some body weight training sessions.

Does planet fitness have tanning?

Yes they do! You have to have the upgraded package to allow for tanning. Also try out the total body enhancement machine – which is red light therapy and a vibrating plate, its suppose to remove cellulite.

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?

Is Planet Fitness Open 24 Hours?

Most places have a 24-hour schedule. In some cases, clubs will do 24 hours during the week and feature shorter hours on the weekend.

Does Planet Fitness Have Wi-Fi?

Yes. All individuals have get admission to to PF’s Wi-Fi.

Is the Staff Knowledgeable?

When I first went in to join a club, I become given a excursion by one of the men at the front table. As he took me round the health club he admitted that he didn’t realize the way to use several of the machines. Personally I observed this funny and wasn’t concerned for the reason that I am experienced enough to know what I’m doing, however for a primary time gym goer this can be a real trouble that could reason an injury. Despite that I actually have always located the personnel at my region to be pleasant and in a good mood.

Is there a dress code?

Is Planet Fitness the right gym for me?

Apparently Planet Fitness has a dress code that says “no jeans, no do-rags/skull-caps/bandannas, no boots/sandals.” While maximum of that seems like common experience to me, I’ve also heard rumors that they do not let girls wear crop tops, though I’ve witnessed a few occasions where I’ve seen them.
Apparently, the get dressed code is likewise enforced at the discretion of local branch managers, who may additionally have exclusive preferences. There have additionally been a number of reviews of the get dressed code getting used to discriminate against positive clients, including this pregnant lady who claims she became requested to leave because her clothes failed to cowl her “bump” enough!

Do they encourage bad eating habits?

On the primary Monday of every month PF has a “pizza night” in which they deliver out unlimited unfastened slices of pizza. The first Tuesday morning of every month there’s loose bagels and coffee. That’s no longer all, they additionally maintain a massive jar of tootsie rolls at the front desk and encourage people to take a few as they leave. Some human beings have a principle that PF does this to hinder their client’s diets and pressure them to continue using the fitness center. I do not think that is quite their goal, however either way it’s far a bad issue for a health club to be doing.

Do I have to wait for cardio machines?

I used my school’s gymnasium and if you went at a busy time you would wait a year for a aerobic machine. By contrast, Planet Fitness has masses of treadmills, ellipticals, and motorcycles for everyone. Personally I actually have seen no wait visible even when the aerobic deck is absolutely full; there is continually at least a few of each sort of device available.

I also like that they do not have a time restrict for the machines. I had been to a few gyms where they restrict you to a 30 minute block and do not will let you sign up that’s a massive impediment to everyone who likes to run extra than 3 or 4 miles.


I’ve enjoyed the Planet Fitness Circuit for about 3 yrs now. I am enjoying the workout with a few of the same people 3-4 times a week. At first I was frustrated that the classes were held at different times daily. I’ve been going to other gyms many years with classes at the same time each day. I have gotten over that inconvenience for the sake of the gym being near my home. Now since the new year another inconvenience has been put upon us. Which is the decision of Planet Fitness 30 Minute Circuits to be less times each day! These classes were twice a day now the single class is once a day and some held in the evenings only. Only two classes during the week are before 2PM. Many of us are seniors so driving in the dark is not an option. We have a terrific Trainer plus the gym is kept well. I would appreciate knowing the reason for this inconvenience, thank you.


Planet Fitness in Canton, Michigan is an awesome gym to go do your workout, very clean, nice place! I’ve been a member of Vic Tanny and Bally and many other gyms over the years, and this is by far the best deal I’ve ever seen! The staff is very pleasant and courteous and helpful!! All the equipment is very well maintained and gets the job done. I love their mantra, JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE where you don’t feel like you are there to impress anyone! The gym is to do your workout, period! Love, love, love the massage beds, chairs, tanning booth, and other perks for the black card membership (additional minimal cost)!! I gotta say I’m so impressed and pleased with the whole package and look forward to doing my workout at Planet Fitness, Canton, Michigan.


This location outside of Sedona in Cottonwood just opened in January. Very clean, 24 hrs, great deals and perks; I am shocked to no return what other gyms on the same street in the area charge! I totaled up what it costed me to join (1 dollar when it opened!), plus 42 annual fee, plus membership, and literally what I’d pay to join the other place and the first month is more than an entire year at PF!!!! WOW and what is even more astounding is that this gym is way cleaner and nicer than the other gym that charges almost 50 a month, with a contract, and expensive join fees. Even at the upgraded cost at PF it’s still remarkably less than their monthly fees. Plus worse equipment over there! Who can beat this? Probably no one. Good Job Planet Fitness. A plus!


Planet Fitness took money off my card. I went up their A manger named Greg. Said he was going to refund my money and it would be back on my card within 10 days and that was almost 2 months ago. I keep calling them and they keep putting me off like it was a couple of dollars they stole off my card. No it was over a 150 they took off my card and I have never signed up or use their services and need my money back. I am a single mom of 3 on disability and they took my money and lied when they said they was going to refund it.


If I could give zero stars, I would. Turns out Planet Fitness does not support Emergency Medical Service workers (paramedics). According to them, paramedics don’t contribute to the city! Police and fire get free memberships, and even though in my province (Manitoba, Canada) fire and paramedics are in the same organization (WFPS), Planet Fitness is discriminating against one group of people in that organization. How dare you! Paramedics do the most for the city. An absolute joke!


I have been a member of this place located in Lincoln and Knotts in Buena Park, CA. Staff are very friendly and polite BUT for the past 6 years I have had complained for several dozen of times the limited TV programs that we can watch-out of the 15 Giant Screens only one is really on news/political commentary- CNN, The rest? Two on sports and 2 on Infomercials/HGTV. The annoying part is that 4 of these TV screens are only of Duplicate (double) programs.- Meaning Two Channels are playing the same program in the entire one block (there are two blocks so a total of 16-18 TV Screens are there fronting the rows of Elliptical, Treadmill Machines.

Check out PF website for more information




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