Anchor Strap Kit for Battle Rope Training by Garage Fit, Great Addition to Cross Training Circuits, Features Commercial…

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Add Unmatched Longevity to Your Battle Ropes

Need an anchor strap that will make your battle rope durable? Look no further! Garage Fit have got you covered! We needless to say you spent numerous bucks on your battle rope and you thus need to offer protection to it. Wrapping a battle rope around any object may cause annoying friction damage. Our anchor strap will absolutely not allow such a thing to happen to your rope! They also let you shorten any rope without any
hassle and in seconds! Just loop strap around the pieces of rope and connect effortlessly to the anchor point.

Revolutionize Your Crossfit Routine

Ever desired to use a battle rope right through your workouts but didn’t have something to attach it to? Worry not! Garage fit anchor strap have made those days a story to tell. With our state of the art anchor strap, connecting your rope to a pole or a piece of equipment is just but a snap. We innovatively designed and manufactured durable ultra-heavy duty Anchor Straps for Battle Rope With Monster Clips that leaves the competition in the dust. Wave goodbye to anchor straps for battle ropes that eventually shred to pieces after a few workout sessions!

Here’s what makes the Garage Fit anchor straps for battle ropes a cut above the rest:

• Built with user’s simplicity in mind to ease the setup process.

• Innovative and elegant design that keeps heads turning.

• Made from the most durable and top-notch commercial grade materials.

• Protects your rope against surface friction damage

• Saves you money even as increasing the longevity of your battle rope.

Count on Garage Fit for Anchor Straps for Battle Ropes that are user-friendly, durable, features intuitive design and ultimately protects your battle rope from surface friction damage. Simply Click Add to Cart’ now!

  • ★ NO WEAR AND TEAR: Protect your rope from damage by surface friction on random objects! The anchor strap guards your rope against shredding. By utilizing our innovative state of the art design, your battle rope will be more durable without breaking your bank!
    • ★ INCREDIBLY LONG-LASTING: The anchor strap was built the use of the long-lasting commercial grade materials. Such materials include double sewn and reinforced nylon webbing which withstands brutal Crossfit workouts. A long-lasting hook is also included, which will stand repetitive rope movements.
      • ★ EXTREMELY EASY TO SETUP: The anchor for battle rope training was made with user’s simplicity in mind. It doesn’t require any solid wall or an eye hook. The universal fitness of this anchor strap for battle rope makes it a breeze to attach it to all anchor points measuring 13 inches or even less in circumference.
        • ★ VERSATILITY AT IT’S FINEST: These heavy ropes for exercise training anchors easily fits both 1.5″ and 2″ training ropes and can be used in any Crossfit setting. The battle rope exercises anchors are also excellent when you want to lower the intensity or weight of an athlete.
          • ★ INTUITIVE AND ELEGANT DESIGN: This training rope anchor, features an innovative design. If you are pushing yourself through battle rope exercises at your Crossfit gym, this training rope will keep heads turning, and you can enjoy your training knowing you have an exceptional product. Backed by 100% Money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Click Add to Cart’ now!












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