RAWBuiltTech Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit for Training – Reduce Wear and Tear and Improve Effectiveness for Your…

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Tired of having to spend time trying to get your battle rope just perfectly anchored? Or maybe you are getting worried about that fray right dead center in the rope?

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Tired of having to spend time trying to get your battle rope just perfectly anchored? Or maybe you are getting worried about that fray right dead center in the rope? Well we have a solution for you!

RAWBuiltTech’s specially re-designed anchor kits keep your battle rope from wear and tear!

Our new design forces the user to increase regulate, which in turn increases strength and stability. The nylon strap that holds the battle rope to the anchor brings both sides of the rope closer together, which forces the user to gain regulate of the ropes movements. Better regulate with the ropes equals better results for the user with controlled muscle isolation.

Increased results without destroying your ropes, what better of a product do you wish to have?
**Simplicity Redefined** Instructions included! The full setup will take you less than 15 seconds! Less time for setup equals more time to get SHREDDED!!
With a FULL Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! What are you waiting for? Click the *ADD TO CART* button above and see for yourself!
Our PAIR kit includes two (2) straps & free snap hook. The PAIR is intended for if you DO NOT have an eyelet hook to attach the clip to. The two straps let you wrap one strap around the battle rope, and one strap around an anchor point. Clip the two straps together and your ready to go! The SINGLE anchor kit lets you simply clip the anchor rope to the eyelet hook!
**Save your Ropes** All of our straps are triple sewn, and made from strong nylon webbing 16″ long x 1″ wide. The simple design eliminates the want to wrap your battle rope around objects which can cause friction damage. Our strap provides a buffer between the rope and any surface that can cause friction, which extends the life of your rope considerably. Let the straps take the damage, they are built to take a beating!
*Fits almost ALL Battle Ropes** The absolute best use is with battle ropes from 1.5″ to 2″. The second anchor strap fits around any anchor 13″ or less. For many who have a eyelet hook already installed in their home gym, we offer a SINGLE strap for easy application.
*Better Results** Our specially designed anchor kit unlocks the full potential of your rope. By extending the anchor point away from your anchor, the user is granted for a more free and natural feel for the best conceivable results! Say goodbye to sloppy reps and say hello to better results!!
**Satisfaction Guaranteed** We suggest you try it for a couple weeks to adapts and adjust to your new training kit. This anchor set will force you to change up your old ways and the adjustment could take time! If you don’t seem to be completely satisfied, we will be able to stand at the back of the quality of our products and will offer you a Full Refund if you don’t seem to be completely satisfied with your new results! The best recommended way to anchor any training rope. **Pole & rope NOT included**.













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