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The Benefits Of Stevia – A Guide To The Use and Benefits Of Stevia

The Benefits Of Stevia – A Guide To The Use and Benefits Of Stevia

The Benefits Of Stevia – A Guide To The Use and Benefits Of Stevia – If you have diabetes excluding sugars and reducing carbohydrate might represent a consistent challenge. Many people believe that if they have diabetes, they will never enjoy sweet taste for the rest of their lives. The great news is that sugar can be replaced with a wonderful plant, Stevia.

More than successfully replacing sugar, as a sweetener, Stevia is a fantastic plant that has many beneficial effects on the health of those who consume it. It isn’t a well-known plant, but it has surprising effects on health.

Stevia Rebaudiana is 40 times sweeter than sugar, and as more and more research is conducted on this plant’s effects on diets, many more countries are happily embracing Stevia as an approved food additive and a sweetener.

Stevia Rebaudiana is the name of this miraculous plant that can change your life. It is a green and leafy plant, native to South America (but also grows in the tropical North America areas) and, for centuries, its sweet leaves have been used to sweeten food, but also as a treatment for stomach problems and burns.

The most important active compounds, and, at the same time, the compounds that give Stevia the sweet taste are stevioside, glycosides andrebaudioside.

It is considered a great aid in diabetes and low-carbohydrate diets, as it does not influence blood sugar levels. But these aren’t the only benefits Stevia features!!!

Let’s have a look which other health benefits Stevie Rebaudiana has!

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Stevia Decreases Blood Pressure Levels!

For those who have to watch their blood pressure levels regularly, Stevia is an excellent option as it can easily be included in the “healthy foods list. Stevia has an interesting way of lowering blood pressure levels, and this effect has been linked to the stevioside active substance.

This has been proven an important benefit Stevia as it helps to prevent several heart diseases, including stroke.

Stevia reduces the risk of Diabetes!

Stevia does a great job of preventing Type 2 Diabetes. This disease is one of the most dangerous diseases of our existence and it affects millions of people.

Just by consuming Stevia instead of sugar, the possibility of having high blood sugar levels is dramatically lowered, and the risk of suffering from Diabetes too. Stevioside is the active substance responsible for this effect, and it also increases insulin production, and this means even lower blood sugar levels.

stevia health

Stevia Prevents Allergies!

There are millions of people suffering from an allergy to several foods, and the symptoms are awful: skin redness, itchiness, diarrhea, and vomiting, bloating and in the most severe form, death. More than perceiving Stevia as a Diabetes cure, it is a great plant that prevents allergies.

Stevia Contains Antioxidants!

Tannins, flavonoids, triterpenes, kaempferol, quercetin and flavonoids, all these are antioxidant compounds that can be found in Stevia. These compounds have powerful antioxidant and inflammatory properties and prevent damages produced by free radicals. Stevia Rebaudiana contributes to oral health Sugar has been an enemy for oral health and sugary foods and drinks are responsible for tooth decay and teeth enamel alteration.

Works Well With Calcium-Rich Foods!

Stevia prevents gingivitis and cavities and maintains a bright and healthy smile. Stevia can be directly used for brushing teeth,  included it in your oral care routine and it can keep cavities away and guarantees a healthy smile.

stevia health

Stevia Prevents Osteoporosis And Promotes Bone Health!

It is well known that calcium rich foods strengthen the bones and improve bones’ functioning. Several studies show how Stevia consumption is related to Calcium deposits inside one’s body.

More than having great effects for lowering Diabetes risk, Stevia also decreases the probability for someone to develop Osteoporosis, as it has a crucial influence on improving bone density and structure.

Stevia is a good source of Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium!

All these substances, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium, are essential for a healthy body. By having Stevia to consume, the body’s needs for all these vital substances are fulfilled, you reach balance, and you effectively prevent health problems (that occurs mainly because of low levels on these substances).

Stevia is Excellent for the Immune System!

Switching from sugar to Stevia changes your life completely regarding the immune system, Stevia limits the  damages sugar does to your body. It will not suppress the natural immune function like sugar does, and it will solve the issue of pathogenic yeasts and harmful bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract that live based on sugar.

stevia health

Stevia for Stress Relieve and Balanced Emotional State!

Sugar consumption leads to blood sugar levels spikes and this, in the long term, affects our mood and our general state of mind. When you “survive’ from one peak to another, cravings for sugar increase, and it is more of a loop since you want more and more sugar to get your mood high again.

Also, sugar consumption interferes with sleep patterns, so when switching to Stevia, all these exhausting symptoms should disappear.

You will feel more energetic, well balanced, sleep better and forget what chronic fatigue is, the list of benefits in Stevia does not end here, there are many other good changes you will feel in your  body after switching to Stevia, clear thinking, higher energy levels, better focus, etc.

The benefits of Stevia for people with diabetes are impressive, but at the same time, Stevia has many other excellent health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer and improving immune system functioning, building healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis, stress relief and mood improvement.

Deciding to use Stevie Rebaudiana instead of sugar can be the most critical decision in one’s life, as it represents a restart point regarding health and consumption patterns.

Stevie is not a well-known plant, but those who know and use it are impressed by its effects when included in the Diabetes cure “kit’ Combined with a low-carb diet, Stevia can make miracles for those who have diabetes. So don’t miss this gem, try having it in your kitchen and use it as often as possible!


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