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How To Exercise With Diabetes

How To Exercise With Diabetes

How To Exercise With Diabetes – Living diabetic and trying to gain muscle can be challenging. This is mainly due to muscle-wasting effects of the high blood glucose as well as mandatory requirement for consumption of calories to counter low blood glucose.

Building muscle with a diabetic body is surely a frustrating task. However, diabetes shouldn’t stop you from building muscle. There are various types of exercise one can go through to gain muscle and the most common is power training.

It is very effective in building strong muscles and bones. Strong muscles store nutrients and oxygen from the blood more efficiently compared to weak ones. Apart from being recommended for the cardiovascular, they also assist in weight control and increase the body’s sensitivity insulin, that is important for regulating sugar levels hence controlling type-2 diabetes. Below is a breakdown on how to build lean muscle, while keeping your diabetes in check.


Although insulin is said to be an anabolic hormone, Diabetes on the other hand is a catabolic disease mostly when uncontrolled. In the body, lack of insulin hinders the body’s ability in using and storing energy, therefore starving cells of fuel that results in breakdown of tissues, mainly protein and fat. Decrease in this protein results to:

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•Weak muscles.

•Poor metabolic rate.

•A reduction in muscular size.

When starting Off To Build Muscle As A Diabetic You Should Always Track The Following:

•Pre meal blood sugar.

•The fasting blood sugar.

•A meal’s macro content.

•The post meals blood sugar (After 1 Hour)

•Pre, Post exercise blood sugars.

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Types Of Exercise And The Different Effects On Your Blood Glucose As A Diabetic.

Aerobics And Weight Training.

These are exercises that uses a wide muscle group with a relatively low rate of muscular contraction hence can be maintained over prolonged periods.

Aerobic exercises includes both low intensity exercises like walking and vigorous aerobics like the high
Intensity Intervals training.

Generally speaking, this exercise promotes a reduction on blood glucose levels for 2 to 72 hours after an

Vigorous aerobics on the other hand may spike an increase on blood glucose due to release of a glucose raising hormone. Resistance training as an anaerobic exercise can be used to build lean muscles. Weight resistance training, high intensity cardio vascular training are equally effective.
This training is known for potent stimulation of counter regulatory hormones like catecholamine.

Hypoglycemia And Exercise For The Diabetic.

Diabetics should always avoid exercising while on a hypoglycemic state or have a high level of ketone in the blood. This can lead to burning off muscle tissue defeating the purpose of your bodybuilding. Asides from that, one is also at risk of deterioration in blood glucose. Research advises delaying exercises when the blood glucose is above 14 mmol/L or when urine ketones are visible.

Muscle Building Supplements For Diabetics.

Diabetic people experience an high blood glucose level, this is because the body has problems producing and/or using insulin. Diabetic people should limit intake of saturated fats and sugar intake because they increase the blood sugar level. This is in contradiction to body building supplements that contain all these. Diabetics need to take supplements carefully in consultation to doctors.

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1). Pre Workout Supplements.

Pre workout supplements should typically be powders that are rich with amino acids, caffeine and creating.
However, if you are diabetic, one should use caffeine free pre workout supplements. Caffeine has a bad
effect on the body’s ability to control glucose.

2). Normal Workout Supplements.

Protein Bars.

There are some low fat, low sugar protein bars that do not impact the blood glucose level. Protein bars can support diabetic bodybuilders because they have a high protein content.

Weight Gainers.

Weight gainers have a high calorie, high protein supplement that are in powdered form. However, many use fat and sugar to increase calorie content. Diabetic body builders should get weight gainers that have fiber with low fats and sugar content.

Protein Powder.

Protein powders contain between 100 to 200 calories per serving and give primarily protein as well as fewer grams of fat, carbohydrates than most weight gainers.

3). Post-work out supplements.

Post-workout supplements should be high on proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates as a vital energy source as they also assist in release of insulin to regulate blood.

Staying Safe While Exercising As a Diabetic.

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Things to look for:

-Extreme hunger while exercising.
-Headache during or after exercising.
-A pounding heartbeat that is more than usual.
-Pale skin.
-Pounding heartbeat that is more than usual.

1). Monitor your blood sugar.

2). Watch for signs of hypoglycemia.

3). Keep carbohydrates with you during the exercise.

4). Wear medical identification bracelets.

5). Drink a lot of water.

6). Check the body for blisters because minor injuries heal slowly if you are diabetic.

7). Get adequate rest.


Although exercising is recommended to people who are diabetic, one should first clear with a doctor before embarking on more intense workout routines like weight training.

Understand how workouts affects the blood glucose in your body. It is essential to get the perfect result in your body building. Typically, Type 1 Diabetics need considerably more effort in workout than Type 2 diabetics because of the counter regulatory effect of some hormones that increase while exercising.

As a diabetic, always keep a clear mind and know what you are eating, when last you took medication as well as how you react to blood glucose changes. To shred off fat and gain maximum muscle while keeping blood glucose level within a good range, this is a must.

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All forms of exercising activities have been used as an effective way to reduce the complications and risks
associated to diabetes.

Resistance training specifically, is very crucial because exercising the muscles does increase a need to utilize extra glucose for energy creation.

Therefore, natural anabolism free bodybuilding in general or as a competition is perfect for
those that suffer from diabetes.

It is good at making the body highly utilize extra circulating blood glucose.

The aerobic exercises are also very beneficial in increasing the consumption of the glucose and
increased efficiency in insulin usage.

With this information you can now safely engage in bodybuilding workouts without deterioration in your health as a diabetic.

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