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Benefits of Medical Marijuana For Pain

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana For Pain

Medical Benefits of Marijuana.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana For Pain – In the past, various countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and Israel have been doing extensive research to establish the medical benefits of Marijuana.

Research on Marijuana did not start until very recently in the USA due to federal restrictions. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has produced a report which shows Cannabis as an effective pain reliever.

Numerous studies published in peer-reviewed and renowned medical journals such as Rheumatology, Neurology ,the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Internal Medicine, and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology have all documented numerous health benefits associated with the use of medicinal Marijuana across a wide range of races, ages, health conditions, and genders.

weed health

Types of Marijuana.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of medical marijuana, it is important to have some background knowledge of this amazing plant.

Marijuana comes in two major types or strains which is Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.

Both these strains trace their origin to hash-making regions of eastern Asia.

Morphologically the Indica strain can be distinguished from its Sativa counterpart by way of its shorter, fatter and darker green leaves, firmer stem and thinner bark.

Additionally, while the Sativa grows tall and lanky, the Indica tends to grow stout and shorter in composure. In terms of effects, the Sativa tends to produce an energized feel or “high” while the Indica is known to produce a sense of deep body relaxation and pain relief.

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What are CBD and THC?

CBD and THC are terms that you are sure to stumble upon often in the world of medical marijuana. But what do these terms mean?

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in Marijuana that is not psychoactive and is responsible for the majority of health benefits such as pain relief.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol refers to an active compound that has psychoactive properties. This compound is the one responsible for the “high” people feel.

weed health


 We shall now go ahead and list all the known health benefits of Cannabis:


1. Treatment of Chronic Pain

By far this is the best-known health benefit associated with the use of Cannabis. The chemical CBD has been associated with pain relieving properties and can be used by people suffering from chronic pain due to cancers or other ailments such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

2. Treatment of Muscular Spasms.

There is enough evidence linking cannabis with the treatment of muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. Muscular spasms caused by other conditions can also be treated effectively using Marijuana. Additionally, diaphragm spasms which have proved to be difficult to treat using other medications can be alleviated by the use of Marijuana.

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3. Treatment of Glaucoma.

One of the reasons most states have allowed the use of marijuana is due to its ability to treat the eye disease Glaucoma.

Glaucoma increase pressure in the eyeball which consequently damages the optical nerve and leads to loss of vision.

According to the National eye Institution, Marijuana when smoked decrease the
pressure inside the eyeball albeit for only a short period of time Research is ongoing to establish whether this effect can be prolonged.

4. Resolving Epileptic Seizure.

Marijuana intake seems to help people suffering from treatment-resistant epilepsy. Indeed many people have reported that they are able to control their seizures and those of their children. Researchers are however doing further research to establish how effective it is.

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5. Cancer Treatment.

While studies are yet to establish if marijuana can be used to effectively used to treat or reverse the effects of various cancers, it has been used to counter the effects of chemotherapy for a long time.

California Pacific Medical Center  has found Cannabis effective in stopping the multiplication of cancer cells in the body.

Research on animals and cultures have shown Marijuana effective in shrinking brain tumors associated with cases of brain cancers.

It is also thought to be effective in the treatment of various other cancers such as:

– Breast Cancer.

– Lung Cancer.

– Skin Cancer.

– Tumor growth.

6. Treatment of Alzheimers Disease.

Alzheimer’s disease occurs when amyloid plaques form in the brain in senile individuals. Marijuana has been found to slow down the progression of this ailment by way of blocking enzymes in the brain that cause the growth of these plaques consequently preventing the death of brain cells.

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7. Alleviates Side Effects of Chemotherapy.

The cancer treatment method of chemotherapy albeit effective is rife is many side effects such as hair loss, nausea, weight loss, chronic pain, vomiting and lack of appetite. The active compound THC found in marijuana has been found to help reduce side effects such as pain, nausea and stimulating appetite.

8. Treating Anxiety and Mood Disorders.

Emotional and mental pain may be as devastating and dangerous to patients as physical pain. Mental conditions like chronic insomnia, PTSD, depression, and anxiety can lead to lackluster performance at work, strained interpersonal relationships, poor moods and suicidal thoughts.

Current medications used to treat this conditions have varying rates of success and have a lot of side effects. Medical Marijuana especially when used in conjunction with other medications, has been found to effectively resolve these mental issues and offer an effective alternative.

A few puffs of Marijuana for instance has been found to alleviate anxiety although an overdose can exacerbate the condition.

weed health

9. Brain Protection after a Stroke.

Laboratory studies have found marijuana to be effective in protecting the brain from damage after an incident of stroke by reducing the size of the effective area.

Further research has also found Cannabis to have neuroprotective effects that may protect the brain from other forms of brain trauma.

10. Sex Drive

According to Tina Kold Jensen, a researcher who had conducted a blood, sperm and physical examination to a group of men who were regular smokers of pot study revealed out that the sperm count was higher by 28%; the oxidative stress caused by this chemicals make the sperms more fertile due to an increase in the level of free radicals within the body. Pot is known to cause an anovulatory, which is an abnormal cycle associated with the release of immature eggs.

Testosterone in males can also be affected by cannabis in several ways. Those known to be smoking a lot of weed have been known to have high levels of this important hormone responsible for activities such as sperm making and enhancing sexual activities.

Sperms ability to reach the egg can also be affected by cannabis. The chemical as discussed in the above makes the sperm start swimming immediately after a love making session, which contradicts the normal scale where at first they flow with the semen, and swim at their own leisure to meet the released ova. It indicates that they travel quickly on their way up the oviduct.

THC, which has been the chemical under study, is known to cause erectile increase which adds to benefits of medical marijuana. The chemical affects the receptors in the brain, as it interacts with certain proteins in the mind.

Some researchers say that this chemical makes the penis to very erect up to a certain level and stay at that rate, though it is a case subjected to further studies. Ladies who are known to be using marijuana when they are pregnant may have a better chance of a better birth, it is versed that marijuana can cross the placenta barrier, and in all the way to the fetus.

It thus reduces the chance of giving a still birth, underweight newborns, premature and malformations among young infants. This can be subjected to further studies because most of the mothers that smoke marijuana have other external environmental factors that subject them to giving birth to children with defects.

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