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How To Cure Acne Naturally Overnight

How To Cure Acne Naturally Overnight – Each morning one wakes up fully rejuvenated and happy for the day ahead.  However the morning excitement is suddenly cut short when one looks at the mirror and notices that swollen and red eruption staring at you!! Nothing is as agonizing as this.

Some people will remain confined in their homes as they wait for the pimples to start fading away. Pimples and acne have the tendency to just appear suddenly on our face and therefore it’s quite unfair that they take long to go away.

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Can pimples be removed in one day?

Are there ways on how to cure pimples acne naturally overnight? Yes, off course there are! These are some of the most common questions running in every one’s mind when they have started experiencing these disturbing moments.

Here we will give you an exclusive list of the best and unique natural remedies that will aid you in getting rid of those pimples overnight. Before you start trying out remedies of removing pimples, it’s good to know more about pimples and what causes them. Note that that acne and pimples are usually used interchangeably to refer to those nasty breakouts that pop out in your face. However a pimple is mostly a singular bump that is infected while acne refers to the presence of many breakouts that are filled with pus and are spread across the entire face.

Let’s Briefly take a Look at the Causes of Pimples

• Pimples could be as a result of growth of bacteria. This happens when the sebum containing bacteria is blocked in the pores. Hence the bacteria will start to grow then spread and cause the painful acne.

Teenage pimples are always the most common. They occur during the stage of puberty. As teenagers undergo this stage your hormones and many other changes occur, the sebaceous gland increases in its activity and there will be more buildup of sebum which will block the pores hence acne flares up.

• Re-occurrence of pimples is mostly due to genetic factors. This may be due to the hyperactive sebaceous glands.

• The most common cause of acne and pimples these days is also due to increased consumption of oily foods.

These oily foods have the tendency to trigger the oil glands which will then start to produce more sebum.

Lets dive into the ways on how to remove pimples in one day.

The surest ways to remove pimples overnight include:

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1) Always Keep Your Hands off Pimples

Many people are always tempted to pop the pimple to make it go away. However, doing this will only makes it worse. This is because it can result in an infection. Specialists and doctors have also advised that picking any pimple will make it take a longer time to completely heal. The bacteria and dirt particles found on your hands may clog the skin pores and make the pimples worse.  As much as it may seems like it wants to be squeezed, just ignore it and apply some make up or just cover it up. Squeezing your blemishes may make the bacteria spread further. Sometimes your skin may feel irritated from acne. When this happens you should use an oil free and gentle facial wipe in order to remove the excess dirt and also in calming your skin.

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2) Try using White Toothpaste

When it comes to removal of pimples, toothpaste gives an outstanding result. This is one of the products that is readily available and one does not have to head for a shop or a nearby supermarket to get it. This is the most common home remedy for pimple removal overnight. Always make sure that you use white toothpaste only. Never use the other gel based toothpaste to eliminate acne.

– Before using, make sure you have thoroughly washed your face with any of the mild soaps. After it has dried properly, apply some of the white toothpaste to that pimple or sometimes to the entire affected area.

When morning reaches, wash it off with water which is cool. You will realize the pimple have gotten smaller or even faded.

• Toothpaste helps by drying out the pimples and hence minimizing their healing time.

• It has an antibacterial property which usually plays a key role in eliminating the bacteria which usually cause the pimples. Remember the toothpaste can be used in acne and pimples that are found on the face and on the body parts for example the legs and more so the arms.

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3) Try out Orange Peel

This is very effective remedy for the people who want to quickly remove the pimples. Oranges usually have Vitamin C which is said to helps kill pimples.

– Dry some few orange peels under the sun for some time. Than grind the orange peels continuously to come up with a very fine powder.

– Mix the orange peel power with few drops of rose water. You are supposed to wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your skin.

– Wash your face using warm water because it will help in enlarging your pores.

– Carefully move on applying the paste to the affected area and let it to start drying for about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes. Then rinse with normal water.

Sometimes a fresh orange peel can also be used. You have to rub the orange peel gently to the affected area. Always use separate peels for every single peel, this helps in avoiding risk of bacterial re-infection.

• What about orange juice?

As an alternative, orange juice can be extracted after the peel is removed. A cotton swab is dipped into the juice and than applied onto the pimple.. Remember to change the cotton swabs too. Fifteen minutes is the minimum time that you need to leave it before washing it with cold water. Note that in case you feel irritated, wash it immediately.

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4) Try the use of Essentials oil

• Frankincense Essential Oil

One is advised to use this oil in an undiluted form by applying it directly on the skin using a cotton swab. Ensure you apply over the pimples and the area surrounding it. The oil has tendency to reduce the inflammation process and it also has an antibacterial activity. It gives tone to the skin while promoting the healthy cells to grow. This oil will surely help you to remove that stubborn blemish on your face. However remember to do a patch test before using any essential oil especially if you have extremely sensitive skin.

• Lavender Essential Oil

Few drops are enough for it to remove any pimple on your skin. The oil should be undiluted. Just apply carefully the oil on the pimple and then leave it It is air-dry. You may consider reapplying after few hours. It has an antibacterial activity and more so, anti fungal properties. More so, it contains an antioxidant property that fastens the healing of the pimple. Remember to do a patch test in case you have a sensitive skin.

• Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix this essential with one teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. Then carefully apply the mixture to the pimple and ensure you have allowed it to be absorbed by the skin. The oil reduces the redness and inflammation. It also acts as a perfect astringent apart from having an antibacterial activity. It is always suitable for all types of skin.

• Other Essential oils include Grape seed Oil, Primrose Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Argon Oil.

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5)  Green Tea Leaves

Recent studies have shown that the Green tea has some amazing effects on pimples. It contains an antioxidant known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate which reduces the production of sebum. It also suppresses the bacterial growth and other inflammation processes.

-Just take a few leaves of the green tea (in case you don’t find, just use the tea bags) and put it in a mug of boiling water. Leave it to be cooled for five to ten minutes. Meanwhile, you can wash your face and by using a clean towel, pat it carefully to dry.

-Use the cotton swab for applying the green tea water on your face. Then wait for about 30 minutes. Wash you face with normal water. The green tea helps in reduction of production of sebum.

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6) Have you ever used Baking Soda?

Baking soda is remedy for many things at home and will work amazingly when it comes to removal of pimples overnight

– Just make some paste by mixing few drops of water with baking soda. Wash the area carefully and then apply the paste on the pimple..

– Leave it to dry. Than wash off with warm water. Next, apply any moisturizer.
Ensure that you do not leave that paste on your face for so long because it results in the dryness of the skin.

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7) Ice

This is one of the fastest ways to get a momentary relief from the blemishes.

-Wrap a 3d shaped ice in a clean cloth. Now apply it over your acne for few minutes without removing it.
Sometimes one can use aluminum foil by folding the ice cubes inside it.

-Check to ensure the ice doesn’t fall out of the foil. Put the foil into the Ziploc pack and apply directly on the pimples for a faster relief.

8) Calamine lotion

This will help clean the affected part or even the entire face using an astringent. Than apply the calamine lotion over the affected part only. The following morning, use lukewarm water to wash your face. You’ll realize the pimples have reduced from what they were the previous day. The lotion is very effective when it comes to removal acne.

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9) Cinnamon-Honey Mixture

This is one of the most effective remedy for those who are very eager to remove all the pimples in a single night. Make a paste containing a mixture of equal amounts of honey and cinnamon. Cleansing your face is important before you decide to apply the paste. Apply it on the pimple and leave it for overnight. Spot the glaring difference in the next morning after you have washed your face with normal water.

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10) Aloe Vera Gel

Can be used on the affected part directly, to remove the pimples quickly. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and also reduces the redness.

• It’s a vital to be aware that when it’s about your skin, more does not necessarily mean better. Applying all these remedies at the SAME time will not bring any improvement. Most likely it may instead cause havoc on your skin by worsening the small pimple and making it to affect the other parts of your healthier skin.

• As much as these remedies work effectively in removal of acne, the most efficient strategy in fighting the pimples is by preventing them even before they happen. One should always strive to avoid bad habits like,

– Use of the harsh scrubs on your skin

– Sleeping with most of your make up on

– Overeating oil foods

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