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What is the best exercise to build your chest?

What is the best exercise to build your chest? – Bench pressing is undoubtedly the classic exercise foundation that’s used to build huge chests. Unequivocally, this exercise needs considerable pec contribution, but it also requires assistance from the triceps and anterior deltoids.

This is where certain chest techniques make the difference when one wants to build enormous pectoral size. Instead of focusing on big benches, it would be better to concentrate on big sets to get an all-round benefit from both worlds.

Nonetheless, even with the best bench press techniques, it’s hard to expect that your chest can rival that of massive professional bodybuilders’ Fact is you would be surprised to know that most bodybuilders report that they acquired gigantic chests from all the things that had done on heavy bench days, but fail to mention some of the performance enhancing protocol they undergo.

build a massive chest

Anatomy of Pectoralis Major

First and foremost, if you think pinpointing the pecs middle and lower portions through certain exercises will help then you’re wrong.

Trying to pinpoint the lower and middle/sternal portions of the pecs by using specific exercises is not going to help.

The pecs anatomical shape, as well as the pull line of its fiber, dictates how those pecs are going to look and develop. This is also decided genetically.

The muscles of the chest are correctly stimulated through hitting several angles.

The top six ribs and sternum are a direct result of the single Humerus insertion point, the pull line of the muscles change when you move the arms from overhead from the waist.

However, it’s interesting that the angle will not alter that much at your pecs’ rib portions and sternum.

This is to say the line of pull remains in those specific areas, further implying that even though you intend to increase your pecs’ valley size or hit those lower pecs, one single exercise can’t do the magic.

Nevertheless while changing the arm position to over your head from below parallels, the upper pectoral activation changes too with the whole of the pectoral’s muscle.

Hence you have to build those pecs via angle variations of which its variations and decline press might not target those lower pecs officially. However, they’ll aid in establishing the whole pecs’ overall size.

If you insist for help with building inner or lower pecs, it’s easy to get that help if you’re willing to do all it takes to have an overall massive chest. That is possible if you isolate certain movements.

build a massive chest

Isolating Your Pecs to Gain More Depth

Without a doubt, big pecs are built through big benching but to possess that final thickness and shape; you have to attack and isolate those pecs through angles.

This creates lines which force pecs to stretch back when you start then get tightly squeezed when finishing the movement. A perfect way of doing this is via slightly lightening the loads, hitting a few extra reps then repeat
these no lesser than five sets.


Isolated Standing Cable Fly

1. Isolated Standing Cable Fly

If you want to increase your chest mass, the cable fly movement is awesome and its upright position is among the best exercises needed. The weight in use might not be much, but the motion range is extreme.

There’s no other regular training exercise which works the pectoral fibers more. Step far enough out from the machines to obtain maximal stretches across the chest cavity.

Commence with arms out from the sides, making them parallel to floor-ground. With your elbows bent slightly pull your body across at a chest height till your hands meet.

The motion has to be the same as hugging exaggerated arcs. This exercise can be done seated if the pec fly machines possess adequate motion range.

2. Dumbbell Incline Fly

What is the best exercise to build your chest?

Dumbbell work will only enhance pec size if you’re utilizing moderate weights as well as increasing the motion range.  Be certain that the arms are extended almost fully. With this technique, we hit the pectoral clavicular bone head hence improving overall thickness.

When you lay against your bench, the motion is similar to that of standing cable fly. Going for maximal motion ranges that possess similar hugging/squeeze action is essential.

3. Wide-Grip Bench Press

What is the best exercise to build your chest?

Because the motion range is the name of the game, this exercise is going to nail that chest with super-stretches should you take time to have the loads lightened from the weight of your standard bench press.

Should your shoulders have the ability to handle the stress, take grips outside the bar’s deep knurls. Bring down the bar to the chest while pausing for some time then firing it up. If you hit these solid exercise reps on the chest day, you’ll enhance thickness to the chest as well as add volume to your chest.

4. Single-Arm Cable Cross

What is the best exercise to build your chest?

There’s nothing that rivals good isolation than focusing on only one body side at one time. Taking two good steps away from the stacks, have your range maximized.

Stand almost erect with arms abducted to the outside, over shoulder height hence creating an angle of 120 degrees at your armpit. Pull downwards towards the waist than completely come across your body’s front.

5. Underhand Cable Cross

What is the best exercise to build your chest?

It might be the most challenging exercise, but at the and of the day it will zero in on your entire chest for maximum fiber recruitment.

Begin by placing arms extended fully down to the sides with an armpit angle of 30 degrees. Pull upwards as you extend out your arms in front than follow arc patterns.

You should finish with arms extended at shoulder height while bending the elbows slightly when you are doing this movement.

Listening to the body

Swallow your ego and listen to your body’s feedback. You are going to enjoy safer and faster gains since you will know when you should tweak or fine-tune your training. You know the saying; take a step back to move two steps ahead!

Go heavy than light

Seemingly enough, especially with chest, bodybuilders make these two common mistakes: loading the bar up to the bench press heavily or doing isolation exercises or even high machine reps.

This denies the muscles the heavy training intensity. You have to mesh those two approaches. Developing a bigger chest is effectively done through lifting huge weights that will work type 2 muscle fibers then lifting light weights which will work type 1 muscle fibers. (Slow twitch and fast twitch).

You can do this via training your chest twice a week using massive stimulus on one day than after four days later. Go a bit lighter on the next session, using higher rep ranges.

To acquire optimal recovery, these workouts have to be spread out. During the heavy day, you need to exercise low rep bench presses sets than on pump day do isolation moves, fly’s as well as machine presses.


De loading to reload

When you begin to feel that your performance has started degrading a compulsory break is needed from all the hard parts of training, you need to take one de – load week.

This means a short reduced workout intensity period designated to promote recovery and lower injury risks. It shouldn’t be optional and is crucial for oncoming better gains.

De loading is also required when you were adapted to specific program and not seeing beneficial gains. There are numerous de loading implements.

Reduce loads that you were previously lifting. Cut half the workout volume for one week, do 15 sets in one session if you used to do 30.

Alternatively, start a newer program using lighter loads then later focusing on higher ranges of rep.

chest movement

Get Stronger

Instead of worrying and stressing about becoming a hulk, it would be better building a strong strength foundation to progress upwards to even higher advanced exercises. With sessions, get stronger as you aim for more reps slightly or gradually increase the loads.

Dialing in Pieces of Training

Chest building plans need two philosophies if you want to cut to the chase; volume and strength. The program entails two elements; a lot of isolation moves as well as variations on two attack angles while utilizing the exercise.

You should hit massive activities with a lean rep cutting combination. Training your chest two times a week will do if you want the program to benefit. The first week of workout is the bench or strength days while the second workout of the week will be your high rep days.

Nonetheless, if you want things switched up, never be afraid. Ascertain that all the exercises are completed entirely for every rep and set as prescribed. Don’t forget volume is the queen for
gaining size.

Persuading those Pecs to Pop-Out

If bench pressing doesn’t build those pecs the way you had desired, attempt coaxing them via isolation. A massive chest is achieved by going full motion range as well as training other muscles that you want popping.

You need to know that the anterior deltoids are going to take a beating here with exaggerated motion ranges. You need to be aware when adding extra shoulder workouts to your program. If your aim is hitting your shoulders hard, then you need to have extra rest for maximum recovery.

The reason it works

Through an alternative hypertrophy and strength workout every week, as well as providing rest schemes and a rep range which screams hypertrophy, you will get the right load and time over tension for your for your chest.

If you want to succeed then here’s the trick; never worry about the bench amount. Just concentrate on thickening and widening your chest gradually. You have to do this regularly for about six to nine weeks.

chest movement

It is crucial that you learn the fundamentals needed for applying a force which will keep you safe from any chest press position. The following is a checklist that will help you ensure you do that:

• Tucking your feet at an angle of 90 degrees slightly tighter or under your knees.

• Creating space beneath your lower back. With this, your hand has to pass beneath it

• Pinch the blades of the shoulder together and don’t let go. This keeps the rib cage higher.

• Let your elbows reflect on where the bars travel. Never over tuck or flare the arms.

• Using your feet for driving in to the ground on each press. Your body needs to assist bench presses.


With these easy and straightforward to follow instructions, you would be surprised that a lot of people mess up and still lament why they don’t get their desired body size.

You should also take whey protein powder after hitting the exercises to boost energy and also help you gain the size you want.

Having said all that, it is with due hope that you liked the article which will see you as a bodybuilder if you follow it. Have a nice workout and mouth dropping body soon!

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