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Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility – Male fertility is described as the ability of a man to get a woman pregnant, which is basically having normal shaped sperm cells which can fertilize an ovum. Recently, the issue of infertility is a worldwide concern and is highly increasing with research showing that in every six couples, one of them experiences infertility issues and out of this, one out of three infertile couples are as a result of male infertility.

Male infertility is associated with a lot of factors which mainly revolve around health lifestyles, sperm and semen quality, genetics, fitness and diseases.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Understanding male infertility

To understand male infertility better, you need to know the factors which causes male infertility, how you can achieve fertility and most importantly for the fertile men, you need to know how you can remain fertile.

Some of the aspects which men need to know relating to male infertility are libido, erectile dysfunction, sperm count, sperm motility and testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels

Known as the male hormones, if they get to very low worrying levels, this may lead to infertility. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and taking hormonal supplements can help in improving testosterone levels.


This is the sexual desire which drives men to have sex. It will be hard to get women pregnant with a low libido and that’s why you are encouraged to take aphrodisiacs which are supplements and foods known to increase libido.Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Erectile dysfunction

This is more like a condition in which it’s hard to have a full erection and maintain it, making it difficult to fulfill your partners sexual desire. This is highly associated with impotence and to overcome it you have to go through some health fitness programs, take in a lot of supplements, be relaxed and practice some pre-sex activities.

Sperm count

The higher the concentration of sperm cells in a given amount of semen, the higher the chances that you are fertile. Having sex more often is said to lower sperm concentration although there are measures which you can take to increase sperm count.

Sperm motility

Then there is sperm motility which is the ability of sperm cells to freely move within the semen. This calculated as percentage of the healthy sperm cells moving in a given amount of semen at a go. Again if the percentage is low then the chance to get women pregnant will be low and thus some remedial measures need be taken to counter the same. Having understood the above aspects, now its time to get more candid on the ways an infertile men can undertake to achieve fertility or at least improve his fertility.

Infertility might be untreatable but if you follow these measures keenly, the chances of you being a father is improved.

1.Taking D-AA Supplements

D-Aspartic Acid is a type of amino acid and it’s used as a dietary supplement. D-AA is highly available in the testicle glands, in sperm cells, and in the semen. In infertile men, D-AA levels are very low and thus the use of D-AA supplements increases testosterone levels in men leading to an increase in fertility.

In a research undertaken among infertile men to determine the efficiency of D-AA supplements, the results indicated that use of D-Aspartic Acid for a period of three months increased testosterone levels by 30-60% and as well as increased sperm count and sperm mobility by 60-100%

This led to direct increase in number of experiences. The only disclaimer with using D-AA supplements is that they only work better with men with low testosterone levels. Men with the normal testosterone levels at times find their testosterone levels reduce upon use of D-AA supplements.

Using these supplements you will have a better chance to get women pregnant as well as increase sperm count.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

2. You need regular exercise

It is proved that regular exercises increase a man’s confidence and performance. Regular exercising may increase your testosterone levels as well as increasing your sperm quality which will directly translate to an increase in the chances to get women pregnant.

3. Get adequate vitamin C

When your body’s reactive oxygen species (ROS) reach extreme levels you experience oxidative stress. This may be caused by the body’s antioxidant mechanisms being overwhelmed by old age, extreme environmental conditions, unhealthy lifestyles and diseases.

As the ROS levels increase in the body, they weaken tissues through injury and inflammation leading to chronic diseases and at some times leading to infertility among men. However, taking the right dosage of vitamin C supplements will counters the ROS levels and improve sperm count and the sperm mobility by 90% as well as reducing the chances of production of deformed sperm cells by over 50%.

Vitamin C also helps inhibit the damage caused to the DNA of the sperm cells by the increased ROS levels.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

4. You need to minimize stress and relax

Stressed-out men tend to have reduced libido which directly affects their fertility. The male hormones affected by stress are the cortisol hormones which hinder the testosterone hormones. The relationship between the two hormones is that when the cortisol hormones increase, testosterone hormones get suppressed and that leads to low fertility in men.

In order to reduce stress levels, one can take stress management classes, have random walks, meditate, have chats with friends and get some exercise. Maintaining a relaxed life will be of help if you want to get women pregnant.

5. Your body needs vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient which if taken by men with infertility issues, their testosterone levels tend to increase and thus increasing chances of regaining fertility in men. Research conducted on infertile men indicated that taking right amounts of vitamin D and with precision vitamin D3 increased their testosterone levels by 25%.

The results also noted an increased sperm mobility in the sampled men. This resulted to pregnancies on their partners.

6. Feed on Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a medicinal herb highly associated with improved libido and promoting erection. Although there is no direct relation with the testosterone levels, the increase in libido and erection greatly influences the production of testosterone levels thus contributing to male fertility.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

 7. Take Fenugreek extracts and supplements

The Fenugreek supplement increases libido and sexual performance. Taking a dose of Fenugreek extract will have a significant increase in testosterone levels by increasing a man’s libido, his sexual performance, weight loss and also healing erectile dysfunction.

For one to be able to make women pregnant the right dosage of Fenugreek needs to be taken and also that should be paired with other practices like regular intercourse.

8. Zinc your body

Zinc, a mineral found in high proportions within animal foods is arguably the cornerstone of fertility in men. This mineral gives a man’s body the conducive environment to produce enough testosterone to boost he fertility.

It’s no wonder that men with low zinc concentration in their body have very low testosterone levels and their sperm are very weak and in low counts. Having zinc supplementing foods gives your body increased testosterone levels and thus increase the sperm count.

For men with normal testosterone levels and are involved in intense workouts, are at risk of their testosterone levels getting low, taking zinc-rich foods will help counteract the decrease in the testosterone hormones and maintain them at required levels.

9.Take Ashwagandha products

Another medicinal herb associated with the people of India has positive results on testosterone levels. Research conducted on infertile men shows that use of Ashwagandha root and its products increased sperm count by 167%, increased semen quality by 53%.

This herb is believed to improve fertility in men by 50% and give men the extra energy required in sex since their libido is highly increased and the ability to maintain an erection is highly increased.

I personally believe that the Ashwagandha herb explains the high population experienced in India since people commonly take it and knowingly or unknowingly their fertility is increased.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

10. The Maca root

Just as the Ashwagandha roots, the Maca root originated from Peru and it was used traditionally to increase libido in men and help in maintaining an erection. The Maca root is uprooted, dried, crushed into powder and then taken as a supplement, food seasoning or in beverages. Sample study conducted on infertile men indicated that, taking as low as 2g of Maca root powder a day for like a period of of three months increased their libido, increased their sperm motility as well as increase sperm count.

This directly resulted to a group of the sampled men to get women pregnant and thus solving infertility. As you have observed, most of these practices are related with your health, so if you improve your health lifestyle, than you will have greater chances at increasing your fertility rate.

These practices are not the only ones which can help improve your fertility. If you follow these practices and are still facing infertility issues, than you ought to understand the effect which is causing the infertility.

In order to boost your fertility ratio, the following practices can be of extra help in improving your fertility.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Avoid high alcohol consumption

Alcohol is believed to affect the levels of testosterone hormones in your body as well as making your sperm count and sperm motility very low. Reducing the levels of alcohol consumption will give your body the edge and ability to produce more testosterone hormones directly increasing your fertility rate.

Take in more food supplements

Having talked of the supplements one can take to improve fertility, the list of all the supplements can’t be exhausted and that’s why you are encouraged to keep on taking more food supplements which improve your body’s health and more so the ones related to improving the testosterone levels.

Get enough sleep

An infertile man is highly encouraged to sleep for more than eight hours in order to ensure the body is not exhausted. Remember we earlier discussed that for better production of quality semen and sperm cells, the body needs to be relaxed and free from stress.

Getting enough sleep gives your body enough time to produce the testosterone hormones and by doing so the fertility ratio is highly increased.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Avoid soy-rich foods

Soy is believed to be rich in insoflavones which is a phytyoestrogen which when consumed leads to production of low quality semen. Low quality semen has low sperm cell and low sperm count. Avoiding consumption of too much soy will give your body the ability to produce high quality semen which have higher chances of fertilizing the ovum.


Although not all diseases may lead to infertility, it’s important to note that if you get to be diagnosed with chronic diseases, some STI’s and cancer you face a potential risk of infertility. It’s always advised that you consult your doctor for better insight on what practices you should undertake in order to counteract possibility of infertility.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking affects the libido and erectile dysfunction of a man by inhibiting the normal production of testosterone hormones. Reduce the intake of cigars and lead a healthy life for better chances to get a woman pregnant.

Shed excess weight

Infertility is highly associated with obesity. For obese people experiencing infertility, the best chance of you achieving a fertility ratio is by shedding the excess weight.

Obesity lowers the performance of a man due to low libido. Sperm quality from obese people is believed to be of low quality.

Top Tens Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Consider you genetics

Some infertility in some men maybe caused by their body’s DNA, and as this might be difficult to overcome studies still show that practicing all this practices may give them a chance of achieving fertility.

If you get to be affected, you need to first accept your situation, involve your partner in it and together find a solution to it and hopefully that solution will come from engaging in these practices. Good luck with filling the world with your beautiful babies!



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